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The Hero’s Journey

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Remember those Choose Your Own Adventure books they used to have at the library? Well, let's do something like that. We’re going to tell the journey of a storybook hero. We won’t give him/her a name, or go into specifics like that. We’re not going to get bogged down on the details. Try to use archetypes and motifs that are recognizable, but it is up to you whether or not you want to make a comment on the accepted norms of fairy tales by breaking them. Start with a picture from Flickr. It can be random or deliberate, as long as it's not All Rights Reserved. Narrate the step of his/her journey, adding what details you will, but staying true to the plot. Comment on the step prior with a link to your step, so there is a clean series of narrative frames, each linking to the next. If there be multiple paths, then we will have a tree of potential outcomes for our hero. You may also start a new story if you wish. Also, please post a link to the step prior so that a reader can backtrack if they get lost or stumble upon a middle step. In summary the strict limitations: -You MUST have an image -Narrate in first person so gender can be generally overlooked. -Post a link to the step prior for backtracking purposes.

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Hero’s Journey part 6: Unearthly Song

For the version of part 5 that precedes this one, go to MauveShirt’s blog post. For the first part of this story, go here.
Photo by Sanews
I was horribly confused. “Did you not come from the Silver Well?”
She shook her head and said with a strange glint in…

The Hero’s Journey Part 6: Following more light (Reverend lineage)

This is the Jim Groom lineage, please read Part 5: The Tunnel before this one. If you would like to start from the beginning, please click here.

((Photo credit to Glamhag))
Knife glinting with the torchlight in one hand, the burning branch in the other, I walked down the tunnel.…

Hero’s Journey Part 4:

Read Jenn’s Part Three before this one!

I moved my arms and legs. They seemed whole, unbroken. My knife was still with me.
When I rose to my feet, it felt like I had aged centuries. I looked at my hands, but they were still as they had been when…

The Hero’s Journey Part One: Leaving home

I left home when I was 16. My mother had fallen grievously ill and one night my father was out smoking his pipe and he saw a silver bird alight in the holly tree above him.
It told him the only cure was to find the Root of Life, located…

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