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The Onion’d Article

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Take an article from a serious newspaper (like "The Washington Post" or "New York Times") and turn it into something you'd see on The Onion.

For example, the WaPo article "New USDA Poultry Inspection Procedures are Based on Bad Data, Government Report Says" becomes "Chickens Vote on USDA's New Inspection Procedures." 

Include how the USDA fragantly courted the gray rooster bloc and public suspicion that lobbyist released a fox into the coop to prevent hens from voting.

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A Victory For Church And Spooksy (Remix WritingAssignments1198)

In this assignment I’m supposed to onion-ize an article, then for the remix, add a sidekick.

Original Article

A local church group today in association with Spooksy announced a win for families of faith with children in the school system.  The victory comes from a decision made to allow for …

Writing Assignment – The Onion’ed Article

Original article: “Sunday night-Monday snow likely to cause problems; exact accumulations elusive”

“It’s probably not going to snow tomorrow… but you can freak out anyways.”

A recent look at this colorful radar display which means absolutely nothing and changes almost every second, shows that tomorrow, some weather may occur. It …

‘Potentially Historic’ Accuracy of ‘Potentially Historic’ Snowstorm Prediction Possible- The Onion’d Article

Meteorologists from across the country are in a flurry after the realization of the ‘Potentially Historic’ Accuracy of the ‘Potentially Historic’ Snowstorm that has been vaguely predicted to hit “somewhere in the Northeast” at “somepoint this week” and dump “some significant amount of snow.” Weathermen originally predicted that we could …

Jeb Bush promises ‘no more baby talk’ in 2016 run

SAN FRANCISCO – Jeb Bush announced his likely presidential campaign ideas, delivering an address that covered the economy, foreign affairs, energy exploration, and generally challenging the country to question “every aspect of how government works.”

In addition to the core topics his campaign platform will cover, the Republican former Florida …

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