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Submitted by: dkernohan

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Make a super-hero origins strip about your online persona, or the persona of someone else. You might want to use Pixton ( - you might want to use something else, or draw it freehand if you are super-talented. But capturing the mood and making the story "feel" right are key, you might want to track down some super-hero origin strips to get the idea. See the originas of the Apocalypse

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Origins of…Sasha Kellogg

I decided to do the “Origins of…” assignment (3 pts) not for my online persona but for my character. Even though my character is not a superhero, there is one thing that almost all superheros have in common: they have a tragic back story (usually having to do …

The super hero origins strip

This design shows that nothing is impossible; any goal can be achieved by courage and hardworking. To reach to success is to never give up, thus it is important to believe in one’s self and become a hero to our own self. Similarly , every super hero ‘s origin starts…

Design Assignment 319: DS106 Heroine

I was inspired to make this because of my experiences with ds106. I feel like it is always stressful creating the various assignments and there is a lot uncertainty in the process. This uncertainly literally lasts until, all of a sudden, your project is done and it’s awesome and you’re…

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