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This is my Story

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Submitted by: Seong Cho

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Tell a short story using flashcard and record yourself. It can be something funny, sad, or just even express how your day was.

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Submissions So Far

This is my story

This assignment (3.5 stars) was one I’d seen done many times before. It required me to tell a story using flashcards. A lot of these types of videos I’ve seen are about sad topics or bad thing that have happened in someone’s life. I knew that I wanted mine to …

Don’t get bitten ;)

This assignment was for me to tell a story through flashcards, For this assignment I wanted to tell my story about how I get what I always want. Yes, it might have been in the expense of my first husband but I got what I wanted at the …

Shirley’s Story

For one of my assignments this week, I chose to do the assignment, This is my story, that was submitted by Seong Cho.

The assignment is to, “Tell a short story using flashcard and record yourself. It can be something funny, sad, or just even express how your day …

This is My Story!

So for those of you who don’t know me. You should watch this video to get a general idea of who is Sara Sparkel and what is it that changed her life. I feel that People only know me from that radio show I was in weeks ago and some …

This is John’s Story

As I worked through the video assignments, I realized that most of the related story of John Brown is that he loves sweet food and he has sweet teeth. So for this assignment, I chose to focus on his past. The days after when his mom and Mark (his step-father) …

This Is My Story- Veronica Smith

3 Stars

Want to get to know me more? Find out my likes, hobbies, dreams… then watch my video. In just a little over a minute you can learn the basics, and hopes and dreams of Veronica Smith. From small farm town life to big city living.

I choose to …

Layla and Marcus I A Love Story

This assignment required us to tell a story through flashcards and I thought this would be a great opportunity to delve deeper into Layla’s thoughts on Marcus.



Marcus and I have a strange relationship. We will easily go from kissing each other to arguing about the “unfortunate” death …

Scott’s Visit to El Jota’s Night Club

(Three Stars)

For this assignment I had to tell a story using flashcards. I decided to have Scott tell the story of when he and his co-owner Liam visited El Jota’s night club. To make this video I wrote the flashcards and then recorded myself holding them up. Once …

Me, Mom, Bro, and … a Bat!?

3 Stars

This one was another fun one to make. All I needed was my trusty computer, some notecards, and my favorite writing utensil (in retrospect, I probably should have found a marker). Coming up with a story was almost a no brainer.

This story will forever stick out …

What Makes Me Happy?

For my final video assignment this week I did “This Is My Story” (3 stars). I chose this one because I have, oddly enough, always wanted to make one of these videos where I tell my story through writing even though it is on video. The hardest part …

My Story

For the assignment “My Story” I created a story detailing all of the health issues I have had. I more or less just listed all of them and it still took over 4 minutes :/. I used iMovie to edit my movie together and recorded it with photobooth on my …

Our Story

This was a great assignment! VideoAssignments501

I loved doing it! What inspired me to do this assignment was my cheer team’s story, Maryland Marlins Tsunami. I honestly am not going to tell you much because I want you to watch my video for yourself. All I can say is that …

A reflection from Kate

Originally I was going to create a video of different people guessing what Kate’s baby as going to be and a possible name. But then I ran out of time

So I replaced it with another video assignment, “This is my story” (2 stars). I was trying to …

Toad Tales

While deciding to conquer her studies out in the warm Spring sun one afternoon, with Ghost sleeping lazily next to her, the Fandom Princess heard a very loud and obnoxious sort of croak. She sat up straight from the tree which she was leaning against and turned her head left, …

My Story

This was one of the assignments that I was most excited for!! I got to tell my story through note cards. I have seen videos like this before and I’ve always thought it would be cool to make one for myself so I did! I started out by writing what …

Fun Facts – The Ultimate Book of Useless Information

This is my Story 2 Stars!

This was my favorite assignment to do these past two weeks.

It took me a while to come up with what I wanted to write on the index cards.  I was thinking a lot and bouncing ideas around.  Then I remembered all the …

This Is My Gratitude

A 2-star assignment: Tell a short story using flashcard and record yourself. It can be something funny, sad, or just even express how your day was.
Thanksgiving is right around the corner and I wanted to do a short tribute of thankfulness in video form.  What better way to tell…

Carding a Deeper Me

My story is simple. A good girl, lost in a bad world. Not knowing whom to turn to and when. Wondering why no one understands that not all my days are good days. Even though I pretend as if they are.
When I saw this assignment, I thought about it…

This Is My Story… The Mets

Click here to view the video on YouTube.
For the This Is My Story video assignment, you had to tell a funny or sad story, or a story about your day using flash cards and voice recordings. I used art paper as flash cards and my webcam to tell my…

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