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Submitted by: Vanuza Figueiredo

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Make a timeline. compare the events associated with world events with your life path .

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Sarah Mustard, 1923 – present

Timeline (3 Stars)

For this assignment I created a timeline of major events in Sarah Mustard’s life and also showed how these events interacted with what events were occurring in the world at this time. The bold events are what happened in Sarah’s life directly and the events that aren’t …

Shelley and The World

I chose the Writing Assignment Timeline to be about what world events happened during my character’s lifetime, some of the events affect her personally, affect London, or are just important things that happened in history that year. Most of the events listed on the timeline are noir-like in nature because …

Sasha Kellogg vs. The World

Instead of comparing my own life with world events, the “timeline” assignment provided an excellent opportunity to further develop my character Sasha Kellogg. It is easy to announce that a character has lived from 1927 to 1952, but this timeline shows in greater detail what she would …

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