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Truthful Movie Poster

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Imagine if movie posters told the REAL story about the fillm they're advertising. Redesign an existing movie poster by changing the text/images to tell us the real story. More examples at

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I do love this movie, and my first time watching it, I had no real idea what was going on. I imagined it would be something like Pulp Fiction, where after a few viewings I would finally see a plot, but this movie is not a Tarantino film. I still …

Sometimes a Fart Joke Makes You Cry

The Story Behind the Story–

The human existence is sorrowful and futile, we are alone or we are insincerely together. We are traversing along a path that seems too passable. What is thrown at us we do not conquer, we simply absorb. But we have the power to see it …


This assignment was to take a movie poster and add the truth to it. While I’m sure there are some people who are genuinely interested in Dunkirk, a movie that will be released July 21st that is about the Battle of Dunkirk during the second World War, I think the …

A Fun Take on a Traumatizing Movie

As suggested in Dr. Polack’s guide for this week, I chose the Truthful movie poster assignment from the Digital Storytelling Assignment Bank, in the Design section. This assignment is worth 4 stars.

I just picked a movie at random from a list of favorites I suggested to a …

Taken 3? More like Liam Neeson must be an awful father

Truthful Movie Poster – “Imagine if movie posters told the REAL story about the fillm they’re advertising. Redesign an existing movie poster by changing the text/images to tell us the real story.”

Figure out which movie poster you want (honestly hardest part)
Figure out what you want it to…

They don’t call it the Hunger Games for Nothing…..

Design Assignments – Truthful Movie Poster – (3 stars)

The Hunger Games movie is one of my favorite movies. It has a great plot, fantastic characters and gripping action scenes. However, the first time I saw the movie in theaters, I got dizzy watching some of the actions scenes. The …

Can I be honest for a minute



I thought this assignment was really funny, and I knew I wanted to do it, but it was hard for me to decide (1) what movie to do and (2) what the truthful title would be. I looked through some examples, but I couldn’t think of a movie …


Original Assignment (3 stars)

Sometimes sequels can be a hit or miss in the film industry. For this assignment, I found a movie poster on Google for the film Taken 2. I enjoyed the first one, but the second one, not so much. Now I hear they are possibly making …

The Truth Behind Olympus Has Fallen! (3 Stars)

For this assignment, we were to take a movie poster and edit it to tell the real truth about the movie. The process of this was very simple and fun. The tough part was picking a movie and deciding what to say about the movie. After thinking about it …

2011: The Year of Friends With Benefits Movies

I did the Design Assignment Truthful Movie Poster, which is worth 3 stars. In order to make this poster I took the Friends With Benefits poster and cut it out on top of a still from No Strings Attached using Pixlr. I used the magic wand tool to …

Truthful Lego Movie Poster

This is either the second or third time I have used “The Lego Movie” for school work, which is strange because I thought the movie was okay. Any who I thought it would be appropriate to share the truthful side of this movie maybe before you go and see it, …

Highly Illogical: The Movie

My friends and I are horror film buffs. We’ll see anything remotely tagged as horror…and we even love terrible syfy movies (if you feel the same I highly recommend Komono Vs Cobra. Hilariously bad vfx and acting and plot…). When one of our roommates raved about a french horror film …

Spoiler Alert

I added text to this movie poster in GIMP.  Truthful movie poster assignment found here.

This is a link to the original poster.

Difficulty: 3 stars…

Truthful Movie Poster: Zombieland

“Imagine if movie posters told the REAL story about the fillm they’re advertising. Redesign an existing movie poster by changing the text/images to tell us the real story.”

There has to be something to said about the success of Jesse Eisenberg because of Michael Cera’s early work. lol Haters gonna …

She Would Rather Party in Oz

Why was Dorothy so set n going back to drab, black and white Kansas? Was Auntie Em that much of the life of the party? If the truth were told, she would have expressed her desire to hang out with those wild Munchkins: As part of my evolving Dorothy story, this is the ds106 Truthful Movie Poster assignment Imagine if movie posters told the REAL story about the fillm they’re advertising. Redesign an existing movie poster by changing the text/images to tell us the real story. More examples at Of course, I am making up what is real (cause that serves the higher concept of my story, meh). There are lots of posters out there to work from- I liked the bold motif of a poster for the Tybee Arts Association: The bottom text was easy to clone brush out in PhotoShop. I went for a few more details, …

Remix #3 (Design): Dumb in 90 Minutes (Truthful Movie Poster)

I definitely wanted to give this assignment a try–the challenge (as Lindsay points out)–is generating humor with the remix. Is my effort funny? We shall see.
Which film to choose? The one that came to mind immediately was Gone in 60 Seconds (2000), a Nicholas Cage / Angelina Jolie matinee…

The Lost Cause: Jurassic Park

I chose to do this assignment because I read the description and thought it was funny. I looked through the other projects that people had done and I liked how it is a creative project, but it also it’s a joke or sarcastic remark about a movie. So there is an art element to it […]

Remix #3 Reflection: Truthful Movie Posters

For this remix project, I was inspired by both the Halloween season and the emergence of advertisements promoting the next, and thankfully last, installment of the Twilight films.  Being a huge fan of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, I have watched the evolution of his character and story through television, serialized novels,…

Truthful Movie Poster for HP7pt2

Face it, if you followed Harry Potter from movie 1, you were going to watch the rest of them. I fully support the fact of splitting the movie into two parts because some of the other movies seemed crammed for time, but it’s still fun to give the directors a…


I found a movie poster of the movie The Day After Tomorrow. I opened it up in artweaver and used the stamp tool to get rid of the original title of the movie and then added in my title name that tells the real story of the movie. I named…

3 Stars: Coming Soon

This is my favorite thing I’ve ever done.  Let’s just say I’m very proud of the way this turned out.  I decided to do the “Truthful Movie Poster” assignment from the design repository.  Before I go any further, I will say that I genuinely enjoy Clint Eastwood.  I think he’s…

Truthful Movie Poster… 3 Stars!

I chose to do a truthful movie poster about Magic Mike, a movie about Channing Tatum’s career as a stripper before he became the most gorgeous actor on the market. It’s definitely a girls movie, granted I’ve never seen it. But who wouldn’t want to see Channing Tatum take his…

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Tutorials So Far

Tutorial for Truthful Movie Poster (Dumb in 90 Minutes)

Here’s my tutorial for my attempt at a truthful movie poster.
1. Even though I’m beyond raw with Photoshop, I still stuck with it for this work. Call me stubborn.
2. The polygonal lasso (PL) was definitely my go-to tool–it allows me to easily outline around a number or letter…