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TV Product Placement Radio Ad

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Submitted by: Maggie Stough

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TV and movies are full of product placement these days. Take a clip from a TV show or movie where they discuss a product (food, technology, movie, restaurant, etc. and turn it into a radio ad for that product. 

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TV Radio Ad


If possible I plan on using this TV Radio Ad during our radio show.  This assignment asked us to take a clip from a show / movie and collaborate it into a radio ad.  I used the clip from The Purge when the announcement comes on that The Purge …

TWIX! IT’S IN THE MIX! (2 stars)

I did this assignment, but was kind of unsure of the directions that were given about it. I took a TV commercials words for a twix commercial and turned them into words instead of songs, I then said them “in my best radio voice” and made it …

Advertisements to the X-TREME

Alright so I went ahead and found an advertisement for Snickers and translated it into radio. It was pretty easy… just imported the video into Audacity and there you go. To be more specific, I played the video and recorded it. Sups easy.


Thanks to Mr Bean for making …

Delicious Product Placement Ad

For this assignment I was a bit unsure about what clip I should use because nothing came to mind at first. However, there is a show called Hawaii 5-0 that I used to watch and I remembered the often shameless product placement they would have on occasion. For the ad …

It’s a Kodak Moment in the House!

Since my radio show group is doing a backwards radio show, in that the main content is commercials for products in The Wire, I made one of my commercials for Kodak cameras. This also fulfills an assignment Maggie made called TV Product Placement Radio Ad, worth 2 stars. Kodak …

A new game of chess

I made a commercial for the product placement radio ad assignment and did it a little bit differently. Though not necessarily owned by anyone, the games of chess and checkers are 1) widely popular, 2) centered around the same general idea and 3) major representations of the “game” so often …

New Audio Assignment

I thought I’d help my radio show group kill two birds with one stone by creating an audio assignment that related to the content we’re creating for our radio show. The assignment is to make a radio ad out of product placement that occurs in a TV show or movie.…

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