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Two Movies into One Mashup Trailer

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Submitted by: Imran Ahmed

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Get two movies that have a similar theme and create a mashup movie trailer out of it. Throughout the trailer, it has to show the theme of the story and it's got to be creative! Have fun as well!

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Run! Trailer Mashup

This trailer contains clips that some people may consider violent. Do not watch if this will upset you.

The Story

For this week’s DS106 assignment I was required to create a mashup which I have not done before. After browsing Read more…

The post Run! Trailer Mashup appeared first on …

In the Not Too Distant Future, in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Alternatively, a long time ago, somewhere in time and space.

For this mashup assignment, I decided to mix the theme song of one of my favorite shows, Mystery Science Theatre 3000, with clips from Star Wars episode IV. Having had many problems with Windows Movie Maker, I decided to …

Olympus Down Mashup Trailer

In Olympus Has Fallen, Roma said, “Olympus has fallen, Olympus has fallen, Olympus has fallen!” It’s been a heck of a week but I’m glad to start posting my ds106 posts! So I created a remix assignment (4.5 stars/5 stars) and it was a fun one doing. So I created …

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