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Two Movies, One Line

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Submitted by: Brittany Raze

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For this mashup assignment, you must pick one line from two movies and combine them into one line. You can choose to have one line be a response to the other. You can follow the example video and start the second line on the last word of the first line. You can choose to do this assignment in any way you want, just be creative with it.

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Two Movies, One Line

The first assignment that I did for the week was to mashup two movie lines into one. The assignment can be found here:

Two Movies, One Line

When I started this assignment, I could not think of two one liners that could be mashed together successfully. Well thanks to the …

E.T.’s Friends Are Here

I liked the idea of trying to connect two pieces of movie dialogue, so I tried my hand at this assignment.  Probably the hardest aspect of this project was to find two comparable lines that could be combined.  I ultimately chose to use one of the “E.T. phone home”

Schwarzenegger And Stallone-Mashup

MashUp was the name of the game this week and to go along with our reading and creating a participatory learning environment I enlisted the help of my husband. When I say this Mashup I immediately thought of my husband and his affinity for movies. So he helped me come …

Grom and Heavy speech teamup

Grom Hellscream and Heavy Weapons Guy team up to bring a moving speech

Taken from the World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor intro cinematic and from the Heavy’s list of Team Fortress 2 voicelines and merged in audacity…

Mashup Assignment: Stars #ILT5340

Horrifying Plan Paid with Cash

Who can resist an opportunity to point out the Deer in The Headlights state many of us are in when it comes to the Trump Presidential Show? This mashup assignment allowed me to do just that: pick one line from two movies (cheated a bit with one being  a TV …

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