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Unusual Superhero

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Submitted by: Jason Green

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Inspired by Jen Dalby’s reference to Captain Condom, create an unusual superhero.  What are their powers?  Write an origin story.  If you’re more visual, design the costume for Sanitation Man, The Amazing Credit Default Swap, or  whatever other unusual hero you can come up with.

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The Unusual Superhero- 2 points

The Pooper Scooper

This super hero has the power to control everyone’s poop so he can make any villain poop on command. He helps fight crime for instance if there was a hostage situation, the Pooper Scooper will run in and make the villains defecate in their pants. This of …

mustache-man & beard-boy

My unusual superhero would be mustache-man. He would bring mustaches to all the facial- hairless men who needed him! His power aside from giving mustaches would also be to take them away. It doesn’t sound like much, but if you had a real scary villain and you take away his …


My super hero would always have exact change for everything he ever needed to buy down to the penny. I would simply just take it out of his pocket. His name is PerfectIron. He gave himself this name after taking the iron supplement so it is not really about nickels …

Unusual Superhero

Assignment: Create an unusual hero. What are their powers? Write an origin story. Design a costume. My Unusual Superhero name is: Turnt Terry! ( turnt is the slang word for being hyped) Turnt Terry was born in a high-class area of Atlanta Georgia. His neighborhood was very boring as …

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