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Up-Goer Five Your Writing

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Pick a topic that you can write about. It can be anythign: a short bio, a description of a job you do, a short story about something that happened to you. Then go to http://splasho.com/upgoer5/ and use the editor to write/re-write your text only using the top most common 1000 words. The editor will tell you when you violate the rules. 

The challenge (and editor) are based upon this xkcd comic

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Up-Goer Five Your Writing

Here is a short story about a crazy event that happed last week

Up-Goer Five Your Writing

Hello Everyone.

This past week was crazy! My dad was walking to the train and got hit by a car. The guy in the car did not stop and kept driving away. My dad called me and I picked him up and went to the hospital. He was checked over …

Quidditch, Explained Up-Goer Style

To play the team game from the well-known boy wonder books is different from what most people think. You run with sticks to pretend to fly. You throw a ball around and try to make it in the round point places. I am the round point place guard player. There …

Up-goer five challenge: water edge house on the outer water edge

Each summer, my mom parents and as many children, children children, and children of their children of their children of theirs as can make it, go to a house on the Outer water edge. There we usually go to the water edge by day and play card games into the …

use only the ten hundred most common words

When I feel worried I like to listen to music. The music is often happy or exciting and never has weird thoughts of people with pick up cars. Sometimes I listen to soft music because the beats are safe and calming. If I’m feeling happier I like to listen to …

Up-Goer Five Your Writing

Every summer I fly home to work and make some money so I can continue with school. I work in a store that has things for things you do outside. Like take care of roses or build things. It is a small store, with about ten people working there. I …

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