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Valentines Alternative

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Valentines day is lame and the cards are worse. Make a good one targeted towards a particular person (real or imaginary).

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Submissions So Far

Assignment Bank 1 (Week Six)

Valentines Alternative

This week I was asked to complete a total of 10 stars worth of design assignments and to center at least two assignments around Jester. Well, that presents no problem to me at all – as I normally focus my assignments around him anyways cause it is so …

Everyone Loves Math Equations, Right?

Valentine’s Day cards can be pretty cheesy and the point of this assignment was to create something that is better. Well I’m not sure if this is necessarily better, but I wouldn’t mind receiving something like this on love day.

Me being the nerd I am, I know this equation …

Mis-timed Zelda Valentine

It’s Halloween, yes, but that means Valentine’s Day is just around a couple of corners. I was actually thinking today about the Valentine Cards I create for my friends every year, wondering if I should do Halloween cards in a similar style. It could work, right?

Anyway, while looking through …


Valentine’s Alternative, worth 2 stars, is my final design assignment for the week!  The purpose of this assignment was to create a good valentine’s day card and I think I did just that!  I chose to do this assignment because I follow Valentine’s Day Cards on twitter and I …

Nerd Valentines IV: The Search for Valentines

Another year another batch of Valentines, still the same crappy photoshopping. Only three this year… unless I find time to make some after work but that’d be past Valentine’s Day.
Darth Vader/ Star Wars one. I think this one might be my favorite.
Spock/Star Trek
Hodor/Game of Thrones. Or the …

Belated ds106 Valentine

I’ve been crushed lately, so my ds106 assignments have fallen to the wayside, but as I begin to emerge from the crazy—which is all good—I find I am just in time for the design assignments (my personal favorite). What’s more, given all the awesome stuff happening in the community this …

Happy NERD Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day, nerds.

The nerdy/geeky/dorky Valentine’s Day card is a DS106 tradition (isn’t it?), and I’m not getting left out.

The picture, of course, is Neil deGrasse Tyson, astrophysicist, director of the Hayden Planetarium, superhero to science lovers everywhere.

The original quote is: “The good thing …

Nerd Valentines III: Attack of the Valentines

Yet another Valentine’s Day has arrived and for the third year in a row I whipped some cards up, and yet again I did not improve my style (but I kinda like the “bad” look to them… they’re campy). This years batch includes Doctor Who, Star Trek and Star Wars. …

Valentine’s Alternative

Skipping a beat

Week six we got introduced to design!  We had to choose different design assignments, and I choose to do Valentine’s Alternative!  This assignment was worth 2 stars, and it was a little bit more complex than I had originally anticipated.  I messed around with Photoshop, which I had never done…

Love Letters: Part 2

DS106 Assignment:
Make a creative Valentine’s Day card.
The Process:
This was done completely in Photoshop. Just for fun, I created the Pokeball from scratch.
The Story:
I recommend to pay the extra few dollars for a Hallmark card if you don’t want to be rejected. Go for one that…

A Valentine day Card for all of you. ;)

This assignment was to make a Valentines day card because recent ones that are available on shelves are trash. So I chose to create this design assignment. Not sure if its better though.
First I found a good picture on google to use as my backround. Then thought of a…

Happy Valentine’s Day from Nurse Ratched and McMurphy

The Cuckoo would have come home to roost if things were just a little different at the mental institution.
You can thank Usher’s “Twork it Out” for bringing this wayward couple together. It was touch and go for a long time, but we all knew that this is how the…

Happy Valentine’s ds106

Happy Alternative Valentine’s Day ds106!…

Valentine’s Day Caption Challenge for #ds106

I was in Urban Outfitters the other day and stumbled across a postcard pack labeled “Unbridled Passion” by Franco Accornero.
It’s a collection of 30 different postcards from an artist who has painted more than 5,000 romance novel covers (as well as westerns, thrillers and sci-fi books). The postcards are…

Happy Valentine’s Day

On this Valentine’s Day, I have decided to do something that will thrill my husband more than just about any other gift.  I give him the gift of a Nerd Valentine.

(If you aren’t sure who this is, just look up “Apple” on the google machine. He’s pretty famous.)

Nerd Valentines… the Sequel

Valentines day is upon us again and I decided to create nerd valentines for the second year in a row. What’s more is I’m posting this BEFORE Valentines day, instead of a day late like last year. This year’s crop includes more Star Trek, some Community and one from Doctor…

"ToGetHer" sounds so sweet.

Valentines Alternative ds106
The assignment was to make a Valentines cardtargeted toward a particular person (real or imaginary).
My first plan was to make a card with the word “ToGetHer”.just because it sounds really niceand it was easy to memorize the spelling back in elementary school.
I used our good old…

A day late… but Nerd Valentines

This is a day late but I wanted to make these, and I had no time before this.
The first one is from Firefly where shiny means “good, great, neat, cool etc.”
Second one is Star Trek. Sure Vulcans don’t show emotion buuuut I don’t care. I wanted to make…

My Valentine

Here’s my simple but personal valentine to the one I love.…

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Tutorials So Far

My ds106 Valentine

Been a while since I jumped on the Daily Create train, but I could not resist today’s OG throwback in honor of ds106 hall of famer Sarah Kountz:

It is a testament to Sarah’s insanity that among all the things I could think about on Valentine’s Day, such as over-sized …

Valentine Card Tutorial

This in-depth, step-by-step tutorial is for the Valentine Alternative assignment, and will be giving an example of how to create a personalized Valentine card. Here is an example that I will be showing you how to make:

but the steps used to create this card can be used in …