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Vine it!

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Submitted by: Claire Patrick

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I know you probably have a smart phone so take advantage of your apps! There's a new(ish) app out there called Vine, it's super cool and I love watching super cool Vines (not super crappy ones!) Show DS106 what you did today! Show us what you ate for lunch, show us what you did when you woke up, show us what you did while you were making another DS106 assignment (hey 2 birds one stone!) get creative! It's only a 6 second video!

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Submissions So Far

What Did I Do Today?


For this assignment, I had to create a 6 second video of something I did today. The assignment says to use the “Vine” app but since Vine no longer exists, I used Snapchat instead! Still 6 seconds, just a different app so basically the same thing. Unfortunately, nothing I …

What Did You Do Today?

“I know you probably have a smart phone so take advantage of your apps! There’s a new(ish) app out there called Vine, it’s super cool and I love watching super cool Vines (not super crappy ones!) Show DS106 what you did today! Show us what you ate for lunch, show …

Y’all Got To Stop With These Damn Flowers

Damn it, Lawrence, you gotta lay off the flowers.

Victoire stared in wonder at the not one, but THREE bouquets of flowers that came to her door that afternoon.

“You gotta be kidding me!” she said, shaking her head, “This is ridiculous!”

The two of them had barely spent any …

Vine it!

For another video assignment this week, I chose do to the Vine it! Assignment (3 stars). For this, I chose to vine myself making macaroni and cheese for dinner. I’ve been familiar with vine for awhile, but I deleted it off my old phone and didn’t bother re-downloading it, until …

Vine of My Sunday! – (3 Stars)

When I saw this assignment, I knew I wanted to do this one. I was already very familiar with Vine and how it works, I had an account that I made last summer. So I used it and video taped, using my phone, what my Sunday morning to the …

Vine it!

Following suit of what I had stated for preparation for this assignment, I went ahead and started the Vine It! assignment that is worth 3 stars. It was a pretty fun and easy assignment, although Vine was a bit confusing to use at first because this is the first time …

Vine it!

Vine it! for 3 stars

For starters, I only knew about the Vine application because of my boyfriend and his friends when they always watch these videos. So when I saw this was an assignment, I jumped at it because I wanted to see what all the talk was about …

Vined It..

For my first video assignment of the week, i went with an assignment i felt confident completing. What caught my eye was the “Vine It” assignment. I’m a serious lover of Vine. It’s so fun to create 6 second videos. What i really enjoy about Vining is the creativity of …

Vine It!

This assignment was pretty easy. The hardest part was deciding what to take video of. All I did was download the app on my iPhone, set up an account, and record! I then uploaded it straight to twitter and embedded the tweet into this blog post!

— Syd Bauman …

Just Vine It!

I chose to do this assignment because I love the idea of Vine. I had an account until Instagram updated its system to have video creations like Vine. I wanted to capture a typical Monday for me when I don’t have any internships or homework. I go to work …

Vine It! ds106 Sunday

I have been watching vines for some time now, but I have never had the app. Some the vines can be drop dead hilarious, whilst others are far from anything clever. Making a vine is actually simple especially if you are from my generation you will be able to catch …

Video Assignment #1: Vine it!

This was a tricky assignment. With only six seconds of video, it doesn’t leave a whole lot of time for creativity. But in my opinion, I managed ok! This Vine video is a very accurate depiction of my daily life. I have spent the majority of the past few …

Some Bikes, a Pool, Monopoly, and One Very Angry Cat

For my second video assignment I decided to create my very first Vine! Everyone is always taking about the app, so I decided to give it a try! This is a Vine of me babysitting. I have known these boys for about 8 years, and I love hanging out with …

My new friend! Thanks Westin Hotels.

For this two week segment you should complete two more ds106 video assignments, each should be posted to your blog, appropriately tagged and categorized. All videos should have an opening and closing title/credits sequence.

For the second assignment I was looking around the possible items and came across the one

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Tutorials So Far

Vine It Tutorial

I created this six second video by downloading the Vine app into my iPhone 5s. I created an account. Then, I begin to create a video by clicking on the video camera icon on the top right in the third picture. Lastly, I begin recording segments by pressing on the …