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Voice Over A Beat

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Submitted by: Stefanie

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Produce a beat with any (online) beat generator. (For example you can do it with Soundation: by using their beat libraries.) Then record your voice over the beat. Make it sound cool or funny or ...

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Submissions So Far

Voice over a beat

For this assignment I chose to use the warning message from the movie “The Purge” as my background beat while I speak.  I will be discussing The Purge in our radio show, so I thought that I may be able to use this has a commercial or a transition.

I …

A bit of beat

I played around with and made a cool beat for the voiceover a beat assignment. When I finally had something I wanted I spoke a few words in Garage Band and combined the two tracks, creating my audio file. I am still on a Halloween kick so I made …

One, Two, Wow!

As an example of an assignment idea I have posted at the ds106 assignment bank, I have produced a piece of music, where you can hear a voice saying something over a beat.

I used Soundation to create a beat and exportet this as a .wav to my computer. After this I loaded …

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Tutorials So Far

Voice Over Beat

This was a beat that I had previously made for an assignment and just voiced over with a deepened pitch. I wasn’t really sure what to say over such a short, high bpm beat so I just went a little simple.

Music Production and Sharing

A series of tutorials about how to produce pieces of music and how to share them on Soundcloud and Tumblr.

The first video shows you how to find the download page from a great free sound editing software called Audacity.

The next video shows you how to produce a beat with …