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What A Song Might Mean to You

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Submitted by: Andrew Slupek

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Lots of people have a particular song that reminds them of certain situations, I know I do! Embed the video of your particular song and a short recording of why you really like the song, or what makes it importatnt to you (I would recomend Soundcloud for this assignment! Have fun!!

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Submissions So Far

What a song might mean to you

I did the What a song might mean to you assignment. I choose Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men for reasons that I’m explaining in the soundcloud clip further down.



reminiscent of the past – audio assignment –

Oh jeez, hello!

Today has been incredibly crazy but I was able to make some time to record a special audio assignment today: A song that means something to you. As soon as I read the assignment details, I immediately wrote it down for the week and I’m so excited …

Agent Smith – Song Description

Greetings…..fellow agents. Today I decided to take a….break and share one of my favorite songssss….by Disturbed!

I chose this song….well, listen to the audio file! Agent smith, signing off.

-Agent Smith…

What A Song Means to You

This song means a lot to me! It is the perfect description of my relationship with my father who is my best friend. It is actually the song that my father and I will dance together to at my wedding. Every time I hear the song it makes me cry. …

Watch the Sunset Disappear


For this assignment, I had to choose a song, find a video for it, and then record a clip of why it means so much for me.

It was a toss up for me between “Drink a Beer” by Luke Bryan and “You Should be Here” by Cole Swindell. …

“Happy” Song Meaning and Interpretation

For my first Audio Assignment, I completed “What A Song Might Mean to You” ( For this assignment, I had to chose a song which reminded me of something meaningful or significant, then create an audio recording discussing this. I wanted to pick a song which had personal significance for …

What a song means to me

This is my take on the assignment found here (

I decided to choose something people had most likely not heard before that still feels amazing to me.

Below is my song.

And here is my reasoning behind the song.


What Andy Mckee’s “Drifting” Means to Me

Assignment link:

This assignment asked me to record myself explaining what a song means to me. The part of this assignment that made me thing the most was deciding which song to talk about. I’m a music fanatic, so there’s a whole library of songs that are meaningful to …

What a Song Might Mean to You

What a Song Might Mean to You

Music has always been a very important aspect in my life. It’s so hard to choose song that reminds me of one particular moment. Music has been woven throughout every single important event that I have experienced. These songs conjure both good and …

“Looking Too Closely”

This is the assignment about what a song means to you. I choose “Looking too Closely” by Fink.

And here is my soundcloud speech about what it means to me.


An Interview with Myself

The Song Itself

Before you read anything else, listen to this song. You’re not going to understand if you don’t.

Close your eyes for the full effect.


For reference, here are the lyrics from

Crickets are chirpin’, the water is high
There’s a soft cotton dress …

Lessons Learned

What does a song mean to you? Check out this assignment! Hopefully my assignment will inspire you to do the same!

Going through life, we all experience hard times and tough experiences.

Sometimes life gets difficult and we have to learn to work through these times. Whether it be …

Always Be A Part Of Me







In My Life: A Fitting First Audio Creation

This has been the most difficult assignment yet.  I’ve spent many frustrated hours trying to complete a single audio assignment.  Most of my frustration comes from my lack of knowledge of anything audio.  I feel like an ESOL student because I’m having to hunt for definitions of wav., mp4, LAME …

Cachamba! Find out what it means to me.

I came across this audio assignment after searching through a couple pages. This one stuck out to me because it required that I upload the video to a song and a short audio clip of why I like it and what the song means to me. A song automatically popped …

The Best Day of My Life (revised)

This song was played the first time I ever danced with my husband. He is an amazing dancer and spun me around the dance floor like it was only him and I in the room. It will always remind me of that day and our wedding day because we chose it for our first dance.
The Best Day of My Life

This song was played the first time I ever danced with my husband. He is an amazing dancer and spun me around the dance floor like it was only him and I in the room. It will always remind me of that day and our wedding day because we chose it for our first dance.

Voice Creation #ILT5340

Please visit this link for my explanation why the below song was chosen for this assignment:




What a song means to Rancher Bob

This week we had to dedicate at lest 5 stars to our character. My character again is Rancher Bob who works on a large ranch with his family. I selected to do a 3 1/2 star assignment called what a song might mean to you.  This assignment tells you …

Daddy Daughter Dancing

For this assignment, I thought for a second about a song with really strong, attached memories. The song I chose isn’t a song I really listen to on my own, so when I thought of it, it was perfect for the assignment.


As far as the assignment portion, …

Never Too Busy (Song)

For this assignment, I am going to share with everyone a song that reminds me of the past. It’s a Rhythm and Blues (R&B) song that I would always listen to as a kid on car rides. It was during this time as a kid, when I had no worries …

What a Song Might Mean to You

I decided to choose this country song by Eric Church. It’s pretty nostalgic and a good song too!!!

Ramblin’ about Ramble On

I love metal, classic rock, and folk (as in traditional folk, not blue grass) music. When this assignment came up I decided to do it, but I wasn’t sure on what song. A lot of what I like is just hard driving stuff that I thinks sounds cool or ‘epic’ …

Audio Assignment – What A Song Might Mean To You

This assignment had us pick a song with special significance to us, and then explain that importance through audio. I picked the song Guts, from Berserk. You might remember I created a ringtone with a different song from the series ages ago.

Audio Assignment – Make Your Own Ringtone

While …

You Make My Dreams Come True

So for this assignment, while it might be cheesy, I chose Hall & Oates song You Make My Dream Come True

Listen here about why I love the song so much! I had a lot of fun choosing a song, but in the end it came down to this …

Funny How a Melody Sounds like a Memory…

Lol so the title is from the song “Springsteen” by Eric Church…not the song I chose to do for this assignment, but it makes for an applicable blog post title since it is about a song that triggers a memory.

Taylor Swift’s song “fifteen” is a song that I …


This week we had to pick and an audio assignment from the assignment bank. We were given four different options and I picked What a Song Might Mean to You. For this assignment you had to find a certain song that reminds you of a situation and then explain …

Audio Assignment – What a Song Might Mean to You

What “Into the Fray” means to me:

What a song means to me audio assignment

For one of this week’s tasks we were to choose one of four provided audio assignments. As such, I chose to complete the audio assignment titled “What a song might mean to you”. I decided to complete this assignment for this task rather than the other choices based on its …

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Tutorials So Far

What Metallica Means to Me

This is a little recording about my feelings towards Metallica’s song, Master of Puppets. It’s a pretty well-known song, and just something that’s fun to play loud honestly. It makes my adrenaline start pumping and it generally makes me think of doing something active at a fast pace. I typically …

Tell us what “that” song means to you!

For this audio assignment I used two different sites, YouTube & SoundCloud. The steps were honestly pretty simple. Let me show you!

I started off by first finding the video of  the song on YouTube. Once I found it, I headed over to  SoundCloud to record what it means …