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What Do Pets Think About?

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Submitted by: Alan Levine

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Your pet cat, dog, turtle, snake [fill in name of pet here] spends a lot of time with you, do you imagine what they are thinking about? Create a series of video sequences of them that show them in contemplative mode, then record over that the narration of what they might be saying to themselves. Pad with an fun opening title, ost to YouTube, and wait for fame and fortune to come your way.

Inspired by Stand-Up Dog: Open Mic

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Submissions So Far

A Day in the Life of a Royal…Dog

For 3.5 stars of my Video Assignments, I picked an assignment called What do Pets Think About? Here’s what it says to do:

Your pet cat, dog, turtle, snake [fill in name of pet here] spends a lot of time with you, do you imagine what they are thinking …

I’m obsessed with my dog if you can’t tell

Can you blame me? Look how cute he is!

I’ve done numerous assignments during this class with my dog as the subject, so it’s only fitting that I did “What do pets think about?” using Cooper once again!

I chose my video assignments at the beginning of the week and …

Caesar the Tough Puppy! (What Do Pets Think About? **)

I swear, if I were to read my dog’s thoughts, they would always say something about being the roughest toughest dog in the neighborhood! Well now I finally get to see what this dog is thinking! Introducing Caesar the Tough Puppy for the “What Do Pets Think About” video assignment!…

Philosicat Returns

So remember that post Master made about a cat video a week or two ago?  It’s finally up on YouTube.  I thought you might want to know, so you can finally hear this cat talk about…something that isn’t in my … Continue reading

What is this Pet thinking?

So this post was supposed to be done nearly 24 hours ago by now, but YouTube seems to be refusing to process the video in question.
The video that this was SUPPOSED to be was a video of a certain cat pondering the nature of humanity, in the words of…

What is Lilo thinking about?

The assignment, What do Pets think about?, entails that you take a series of video sequences of your pet in contemplating mode and narrate it. I took a different approach to this assignment partly because my audio sound would not record and partly because my pets are an hour away.…

Inside the Animal Mind

My first video assignment for this week was the What Do Pets Think About? The assignment asked for us to create a video where the animal looks like it’s thinking, then narrate what they were thinking. I threw a little spin on this. I decided to narrate what my girlfriend’s…

What is Jack Jack Thinking?! 2*

This assignment was to catch your pet in a contemplative mood and dub over with what you think he/she would be thinking/saying. My dog always has to pee or is super tired so I decided to incorporate that in. I tried to get him when he wasn’t barking but that’s…

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