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What Wanders Outside Your Window?

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Submitted by: Kara Saffos

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Visualize what would be your greatest fear outside your window at night.

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Assignment Bank

The final assignment I did for this week was worth 2 stars. The goal of this assignment was to edit a picture of something creepy in your window. I used preview on my mac to complete this assignment. Here is the link to the original assignment:

I picked a …

Window Wanderer

For this visual assignment I had to show what would be scary to see outside a window. I decided to use my friend’s host character, the Death Whisperer, because she is extremely scary.

I took the picture of the Death Whisperer from my friend’s blog and cut out the background …

Scary Slenderman

This would truly scare me if I ever saw it outside of my window. Here is the link to my post:

Scary Stuff

Something that would scare me if I looked out the window.

Visual Assignment Link (1.5 Stars)

Tap Tap Tap….

When I saw the assignment “What Wanders Outside Your Window?” it was right after I watched Episode 13 of season 1. I immediately thought of D’Angelo telling the detectives about how Deirdre Kresson was killed. I thought it was only appropriate to put Wee-Bey in the window like he was …

What Wanders Outside Your Window

A creepy clown would be my greatest fear of what can wander outside my window at night.  I researched the post I could relate to , and stumbled on page two of visual post and saw this post. I am very afraid of clowns, never had them at birthday parties, …


Atomic Apocalypse. See Link for details.

Atomic Apocalypse




For this assignment you were supposed to create a visual of your biggest fear outside your window. I am not actually really that afraid of an atomic winter, but typically rather than look at actual (internal) fears, people like to find some external to attach their …

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