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What’s the weather in your neck of the woods?

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Submitted by: Juliana Procaccini

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For this assignment your job is to make a video of you acting like a meterologist. Tell us what the weather is in your town one day/week; it could be real or completely made up (cloudy with a chance of meatballs anyone?) You could have a posterboard with the weather and point at it like someone would do on TV or you are free to use your immagination. Your goal though it to act like you are on TV presenting this to a live audience. It is your time to shine on the DS Weather Channel! 

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The Weather is More Unstable Than my Neighbors’ Marriage!

This is my response to the What’s The Weather In Your Neck Of The Woods? assignment. I had to create a video of myself forecasting the weather. Weather is never interesting to watch, so I set out to change that! The most challenging part of this video was probably getting …

Wild Beast on the Scene!

For the mandatory video assignment, I decided to complete “What’s the Weather in your Neck of the Woods?” starring my dog as a wild beast and I as the the news reporter. I first scripted what I wanted to say. Then I got my boyfriend to hold the camera for …

The Weather in Tombstone, Arizona

I found this assignment actually quite fun to complete. For this assignment I had to act as a meteorologist and inform my listeners on the upcoming weather conditions. For this week we had to complete ten stars worth of video assignments and at least four of those stars had to …

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