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Where did the Soda Go?

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Submitted by: Nate Wine

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Inspired by reddit's "Where did the Soda Go?" board at, create a gif of a hilarious infomercial moment that illustrates how ridiculous some infomercials can be.

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Submissions So Far

Visual Assignments for Week #4

I wanted to go out of my comfort zone with the six starts of visual assignments we had to do this week!

I started by doing the Assignment called “256 Points” where you create a picture using a 16×16 pixel square. I was a little stuck at first about how …

Where Did The Soda Go?

Where Did The Soda Go? – 2 Stars

After making a gif in an earlier assignment I realized how easy they were so I decided to try my luck again. There is a popular sub on Reddit called “Where Did the Soda Go?” which parody the ridiculous nature of infomercials. …

Hawaii Chair Gif


I chose this assignment because I wanted to see if I could take on a new challenge of video instead of just photos. This was surprisingly easier than I thought it would be. Using the Hawaii chair infomercial as inspiration, I made a quick gif. I first saw this …

where did the soda go?

who has this many bowls though? #ridiculous

People who can’t make eggs AAG #4

You know, I really scrambled my brain to try and think of a good gif for this challenge. I ended up calling my old friend Benedict to ask for his advice on what to do. He said that what it all boiled down to was a just a good ol …

The August Animated GIF Challenge: Challenge 4 – Where Did the Soda Go?

The August Animated GIF Challenge: Challenge 4 – Where Did the Soda Go?, a photo by Rowan Peter on Flickr.

Just like regular repetitive chicken.

Where Did the Soda Go? for Challenge 4 of The August Animated GIF Challenge.…

Getting ready for some DS106 smack talk

One the worrying things about ds106 is the smack talk component, you need to have steady nerves and facial muscles of steel. Many of us are not use to this mode of discourse and need a bit of preparatory exercise. There is now no need to fear the smack talk, …

August 2013 GIF Challenge #4: Where Did the Soda Go?

This was a fun challenge, classified as a Visual Assignment in the assignment bank before Animated GIFs had their own category. It is there as Visual Assignments 806: Where Did the Soda Go? by Nate Wine, but asks us to make a GIF from a silly infomercial. So that should …

Can’t stop spilling!

This is my animated gif from the as seen on tv video. It’s of people spilling stuff on themselves. Enjoy!

The college/caveman CHEF

This gif is my second entry for the DS106 Visual Assignment, “Where Did The Soda Go?”, and the process for this one was the same process as the one I did for the Perfect Office Chair.

This gif was made from the infomercial for the Rollie Eggmaster

Perfect Office Chair


This attempt at a GIF here was inspired by the DS106 Visual Assignment, “Where Did All The Soda Go?“. This assignment was fairly easy to do now, and it asked us to create a gif from a hilarious (I think ridiculous) moment in an infomercial. So for this …


“Inspired by reddit’s “Where did the Soda Go?” board at, create a gif of a hilarious infomercial moment that illustrates how ridiculous some infomercials can be.” DS106 Assignment

This is from the Get a Grip infomercial. I was looking through youtube for horrible infomercials and found this. I …

Dammit Tyrone.

I chose this infomercial because WHO POURS CEREAL LIKE THIS?! Also I love the “Shit Tyrone, get it together.” memes and this just fit it so well.


This was my first animated gif made with Photoshop CS6 using a tutorial I found via Google. I found it in a …

Perfect for those Drafty Castles!**

Castles, dorm rooms, they all are the same! Well that being said, you guessed it, perfect for those drafty dorm rooms means SNUGGIES! Yes, I admit that I am an owner of the As Seen on TV phenomenon, I’ll even do you one better and tell you that mine has …

Infomercial GIF

The #ETMOOC animated GIF conversation hosted by Jim Groom last night ended with a brief discussion of the potential the GIF to be cooped by the advertising industry. Seeking to capture the eyeballs of the ever shorter and shorter attention spans of the browsers of the internet the GIF seems …

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Tutorials So Far

My Very Own Assignment: Where’s My Soda?

WOO! I created my very first assignment today.  It’s called, “Where Did the Soda Go?” which was inspired by reddit’s very own board of the same name.  This post will also serve as a tutorial of sorts to help you along with creating your very own infomercial screw up!