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Who Said What

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Submitted by: Krystal Heflin

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Find a picture of any secret agent you would like, preferrably a fairly well-known one. Next, pick a quote from a similar secret agent character. Finally, attribute said quote to a third similar character. You want the characters you chose to be well-known but also similar enough that people would confuse them with one another.

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This is a quote from my secret agent character. His reasoning behind this quote is that A.W. is high stakes person, he loves being risky especially when it pays off with a huge reward!

My name is Bond, James Bond.

Agent Nice Guy would love to hear that James Bond and Jason Bourne are both working with a purpose, good intentions and passion.

Growing up, the only agent that I was mostly familiar with was James Bond; so I instantaneously looked up James Bond on Google. After selecting a good …

“Who Said What”: Well-Known Spy Misquoted

For this spy-genre visual assignment, I am particularly proud of my media product created. The instructions were to pick three similar secret agent characters, and layer a picture of one, a quote of the second, and the name of the third over each other into a ‘quote’ image. The …

Nancy Drew meet Sherlock Holmes


Nancy Drew and Sherlock Holmes are my most favorite secret agents. This picture of Sherlock Holmes played by Robert Downey Jr and the quote from a Nancy Drew book is the perfect combination!!…

Jesus Christ It’s Jason Bourne


I’m going to let you into a little secret and tell you that that is not Jason Bourne. That is in fact Ethan Hunt from Mission Impossible saying a line from True Lies said by Schwarzenegger with Jason Bourne being credited.

It is very difficult to try and not …

“Who said What?”

I decided to pick the assignment ” Who said what” because out of the other two it seemed the easiest to do. The assignment was to find a picture of a well-known secret agent and pick a quote but from another secret agent but change the person who said the …

James Bond has Immunity

I chose to do the Who Said What assignment because I honestly felt like it was the funniest one, and I would really enjoy it. It was rated 2 1/2 stars and I feel like that’s an accurate rating. I first picked my quote because I felt like I could …

Agent Smith – Secret Agents

Today…I met with my cohorts. Austin Powers, Mr. Bond, and James Borne…the elite of the elite! I have a quote to…uh…share with you. May it help our secret agent brothers in their missions across the…world.. Gah! I’m spending too much time on this! Just read the quote and leave me …

Visual Assignment #2060

Did I Say That?


I chose this particular assignment simply because I have so much fun creating these. Mixing a photo, a quote, and a person-all different but similar enough characters that its hard to figure out who actually said the quote is fun and challenging for me. It pushes me to get …

Who Said What

This was an amazing assignment to do. I took three of my favorite spy movies and created something that I think is really special. First I took a still from the movie Get Smart that has to be my favorite scene in the entire movie. At the beginning of the …

I’m rather proud of this one (Warning: may threaten your masculinity)

This one wasn’t easy, despite having only two stars. Finding the right photo was hard enough, but finding a good quote was even tougher. Even though it’s not a very well known spy movie, the movie “Spy” (clever name) had the best quote I could find, which came from Melissa …

Who Said What?

“Miss Anders! I didn’t recognize you with your clothes on!” – Jason Bourne 

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