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You’re Invited!

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Submitted by: Karissa Herrick

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Creating invitations for different events says a lot about what is going to happen. Make an invitation for either any event, whether it occur or not. Pick an event from a movie even! What does the invitation say about the event? Get creative

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Submissions So Far

You’re Invited

For this assignment I created an invitation to a masquerade ball from the Alfred Hitchcock film, which is based on a book, Rebecca. I used a few different fonts, meant to be fancy but classy. Most of the fonts already came loaded onto Photoshop, but I did download some free …

Invite – Live Show!

DS106! Mark it down in your calendars. Sara sparkle and Rose King from SparKling will have a live event on Central Park Downtown NYC! Make sure you will be there on time! They will be preforming deferent scenarios over the night! Make sure you review Your invitations and get tickets …

You are invited to Noir Not the Father!

For part of my 10 stars of assignments for this week, I chose to do the you’re invited project. The assignment was to create an invitation to some sort of event. I saw this as a perfect opportunity to create a invitation letter to my character Jack from the Noir …

You’re Invited!

3 and a half stars

For this assignment, Melody Bay, from the influence of her father agreed to hold a showcase for the town of her recent summer paintings. She does not plan on attending the event but she is sending the invites to the guys from her radio …

You’re invited- 3.5 stars.

I thought that this assignment was good for the story line of the radio show we did. Since it was a dinner party, I made the invitations for all the characters that were in our group. I did not want it to be a silly looking invitation, so I choose …

A Wedding Because They Cantaloupe

So. Collaboration Week Continues.

Kelsey and I decided to do the design assignment You’re Invited! (worth 3.5 stars). The task: Creating invitations for different events says a lot about what is going to happen. Make an invitation for either any event, whether it occur or not. Pick an event from …

You’re like 7 years too late…but still send us the toaster

One of this week’s design assignments was called, “You’re Invited!” The goal was to, “Make an invitation for either any event, whether it occur or not. Pick an event from a movie even! What does the invitation say about the event? Get creative.”

I decided to make my …

Just for us Ladies

Victoire Absinthe put her suitcase down and collapsed on the bed. The morning sun was shining through the blinds of her hotel room on to the bed. The polyester blend quilt scratched her nose. The day was just beginning but for Victoire it felt like the end to a very…

You’re Invited!

I related this assignment (3 points) to my noir character which was a creating invitation card to him. (John Brown)

This invitation card is from John Brown’s step-father to invited people to his wife, also John Brown’s mother, Mary  Brown. After John Brown got this invitation, he just threw away …

Highland Corporation Annual Charity Benefit

For my third design assignment this week I decided to do the “You’re Invited” assignment and dedicate it to my character Jack Spencer. This assignment is worth three and a half points out of the six required character points. For the event I created I decided to draw from Jack’s …

Layla Arkwood’s Wedding

I have to be honest here, I actually intend for my two main character, Marcus and Layla, to get married one day. It won’t be that easy of course but I had to indulge myself in this one assignment. We had to create an invitation to something and I decided …

Who’s Invited…YOU ARE!

You’re Invited!
3.5 Stars
Design Assignment

After reminiscing on the postcard from here past, I thought it was a great idea to have an invitation in the mail a few days later that would change Brooke’s life…forever. I created an invitation  to none other than the world famous New York …

It’s A…

Design Assignment #3: You’re Invited… (3 stars)

After watching Season 2, Episode 10 of The Wire, I felt like Kima and Cheryl needed a baby shower invitation. This assignment reminded me of my high school days of Photojournalism, where I would play with colors, fonts, and design. Using DaFont I …

You’re Invited!

This assignment (3 stars) was fun and very relevant. My LLC is actually participating in the Out of the Darkness Walk, which is a suicide prevention and awareness walk.



I was thinking about something coming up important, and I thought of the walk we are participating in. I …

You’re invited!


For as long I can remember my mother has been wonder woman. She was the chef, party planner, and keeper of the house. Because she is a graphic designer things like invitations have always been done by her. She taught me a lot of the basics. Some of the …

Tying the Knot

You’re Invited

I am more on the short, sweet and to the point type of person, so I decided to create a save the date invitation! I am a southern girl so I decided to play along with the southern theme. I’ve always loved everything about weddings and the decorations  …

The 95% Silent Meeting

For the first day of Design Week in #DS106 I decided to try my first DS106 Assignment. I chose Design Assignment #1048, which was to ” Make an invitation for any event, whether it occur or not.”

I created an invitation to a meeting that I was trapped in …

Wedding Palooza!

For my next assignment for my final project, I created a new assignment (yet again) which calls for creating an invitation to an event. I’m surprised that this wasn’t a design assignment already, but it doesn’t hurt to make a new one.

*I suggest reading this post after you read …

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