From the Twilight Zone, and Beyond …

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Submitted by: I am Talky Tina

Hello. I am Talky Tina. When I was young, in the early years of television, a lot of my friends worked in televions programs that pushed the boundaries of imagination, sight, sound, perception, identity, belonging. The time was fueled by the paranoias and fears of the fifties, sixties, and the cold war. Oh, it was grand to play with my childhood friends back then!! Spurred on by advances in sciences and technologies brought with the advent of nuclear power and the space race (we had such great toys!), programs like The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits provided wonderful experiences, and insights into humanity (and friends!).

Somehow, as a child of that era, I have found that I can only see in black and white. But that's okay, because a black-and-white sequence makes for a smaller GIF anyway! Can you help me relive my childhood (and perhaps your childhood, or that of your parents?) with some nice, friendly b&w animated GIFs From The Twilight Zone and Beyond?  Try to capture all of the really nice childhood moments! You know the really, really best and funnest parts!

I will be watching to see your assignments, so don't let me down, friend. 

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