Submit an Assignment

The archive of ds106 assignments grows every day and you can be a part of it! Here are a few guidelines to help you craft your submission:

  • Be Worth Doing. The assignments should be more than justa dding text to a picture or something you can do in a one off web site. A ds106 assignment should take some time to do, and be challenging. It should be something that really lends itself to storytelling, not just creating media. We welcome shorter type assignments for The Daily Create
  • Be descriptive. Having a blog post as an example of an assignment is preferred, but at the very least a good image or video example of an assignment is a must, along with a well-written description. True ds106ers actually DO their own assignments first!
  • Be creative. Write the assignment that you would want to complete, and think about things like the title and description as teasers to get people excited about it.
  • Give Credit. If this idea came from somewhere else, please share a URL in your description.

Note that we do not apply any licenses to your submissions but by sharing them you do so with the understanding others may use, reuse, or adapt your ideas (we do ask that they provide a credit to your name and link back to the assignment you created).