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Original DS 106 Assignment: Subtitle GIF (3 stars)

I am starting my new job at a Marketing Firm on Tuesday (Monday is considered Memorial Day). As an associate team member, I was tasked with making a GIF that shows how I feel by the end of the work week! A lot of the people working in this firm have been in this field for years and I am looking to make something that can be #relateable. I am the first new employee they have since the COVID-19 Pandemic began. Being a work from home job, I needed to find something that is likeable to be the GIF.

Step 1: Make a GIF! One of my favorite ways of making GIF’s is on Twitter. This is a recent update that the platform uses. The biggest thing is capturing what you want the GIF of. Here is my over 2 minute struggling trying to get something.

Step 2: Save the GIF to your computer to be able to edit. Twitter does not yet provide an automatic “Save GIF” option, so we need to use https://twdownload.com/ to download it.

Step 3: Right click on the tweet and copy the “GIF address” and paste into TWDownload site.

Step 4: Save! This is saved as a MP4, which is a video file, different from a GIF file so now we need to convert back to GIF and add text.

Step 5: Open https://ezgif.com , and click on ‘Video to GIF’ since an MP4 file is a video file, click “Convert to GIF”

Step 6: In the menu below, click ‘Add text’ this allows you to add text per frame that you selected when converting.

Step 7: Save as a GIF! Rename to be easily found among other files.

The Joy of Subtitles

For my final assignment this week I decided to create a subtitled GIF for the aptly named assignment, “Subtitle GIF.” Since I have already related one assignment this week to our wonderful theme of Bob Ross, I decided to go back to the first week of this class and subtitle a GIF I created from the episode of “The Joys of Painting” I was assigned to watch. In this episode, “The Property Line” (Season 25, Episode 13), Bob Ross talked about his love for all creatures and included footage of him holding a baby racoon.

To do this took a few steps, simply because I used GIPHY, however GIPHY does not let you use a YouTube link for a video over five minutes. I had to download this episode and then find the portion about the racoon, trimming it so I could upload the thirty second clip to GIPHY. From there I messed around with the loop to get as much Bob Ross and racoon content as possible before adding an abridged version of what he actually says in the episode. I thought this portion of the episode was cute and really wanted to subtitle it since Bob Ross is so gentle and full of love for nature.

Please take a look at the GIF and tell me what you think by commenting down below!

Bob Ross GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Subtle what? nah

For this assignment bank assignment I wanted to play around with a double exposure GIF that I got inspired by watching one of my favorite youtubers Daniel Schiffer. He deals with a lot of unique videography aspects and tries to reinvent the norm of filming.

For this project I would have prefered a better background but we make due with what we have….a garage. first I took a photo of myself “floating” and then took multiple pictures of a small fire inside a pan. Then I created a “subtle GIF” of the fire and overlaid the layers in photoshop to create the double exposure effect. I like the way it came out but there are definite improvements that could be made.

Subtitle GIF

I hope I get a good grade!

The opening scene of the movie Inglorious Basterds is one of my all time favorites. It is so deep and moving that it absorbs you right into the film. So when I saw the character wiping away the sweat again it reminded me of my anxiety of getting a good grade in this class!

I went to YouTube and found the clip I wanted and then used a download plugin for Firefox web browser to save the video to my computer. I then used QuickTime Player to trim the video to the exact scene I wanted. I uploaded the clip to GIPHY and added the text. It then gave me an html code to embed the GIF.

Thanos Alters Time and Space

The inspiration for this gif was that Avengers: Infinity War is my favorite superhero movie. The story behind it is that Thanos is probably the most determined supervillain, and probably the first totally unstoppable villain to ever be created.

My Place or yours?

Sherlock gif for social media

My place or yours?

This scene given this context changes everything!

I decided for this post to make a Gif from a scene from my all time favourite tv show: Sherlock and added alternate subtitles. I quite like the way this turned out but I would like to experiment more with gif’s now I have learnt how to create them.

To create this I used youtube convert to get the footage. I then opened premiere and imported the mp4 file. I unlinked and deleted the audio and cut the clip to the scene I wanted. I added text using a legacy title and started it later in the clip to match when Sherlock talks.

I then exported this as an Animated Gif.

I could have made a better one but I think I want to experiment more with this and create better ones with alternate subtitles as it’s odd but fun.

You Know Nothing Who?

For this assignment, I figured I use one of the famous quotes from Game of Thrones. This GIF was made using GIPHY


Say Hello To My Little GIF!

So this blog is my thoughts and process of completing the Subtitle GIF which is part of the AnimatedGIF assignment bank found on the ds106 website.

This assignment caught my eye as I am a big fan of GIF’s, for those who don’t know what a GIF is it contains a number of images or frames in a single file and the frames are presented in a specific order, in order to convey animation. That made GIF’s sound pretty complicated they’re actually quite simple, Here’s a great set of examples I looked at and you should too.
The assignment brief is very clear cut “Make a GIF and add subtitles! These can be real subtitles that weren’t available with the video, or not real ones that help tell your story”. I prefer these types of briefs that are straight to the point it means I can make a start straight away. It wasn’t actually the easiest of starts for one of my assignments as there was so much choice to do, I could literally choose any film or television show I could get my hands on to create a GIF out of. My initial thoughts for getting the ball rolling was to create a GIF from one of my favourite television shows such as Peaky Blinders or Black Sails. So I looked around for GIF generator sites and giphy is easily one of the best and the site I used.

Animated GIF  - Find & Share on GIPHY


This is what I first came up with when creating a GIF. I think it’s a good GIF it fits the brief and has some humour to it but it just seems a bit average. A lot of GIF’s are actually quite average and also seem random. The way I thought I would tackle this issue is rather then make a GIF from a scene of a series I like why don’t I make a GIF from an iconic scene of a film or series everybody knows.

Animated GIF  - Find & Share on GIPHY

Here is the GIF I decided to come up with. I believe I backed up my words that creating a GIF from an iconic scene is much more entertaining and holds more value.

Creating the GIF was not the hardest process especially with the help of giphy. The steps I took to create the GIF was to find the footage I wanted to use on YouTube.gifshot

After finding the YouTube link I simply pasted it into the GIF creator bar at the top of the page. This will transition you into the editing process of the GIF.sfgifshot3

The editing stage is a couple of steps, the first step to take would be to find the time of the scene you want to capture on the YouTube video and set the start time to where you want the start of your GIF to begin. As the part I wanted to capture was 11 seconds into the video I set the start time to 00:11. And as the part of the scene I want to include in the GIF was 3 seconds long I set the duration to 3. The last part of editing was filling in the caption section. Obviously i’m captioning “Say hello to my little friend” from Scarface so I typed that into the caption bar which brings it up onto the animation. Finally, as seen in the screenshot above I set the style to subtitle as this is perfect for the assignment brief. Once I filled out everything I wanted in the editing process I clicked create GIF at the bottom of the page and a link to my finalised GIF was presented. Once you are given the link to your GIF you also have the option to share to social medias, as well as the option to download.

Overall, I’m very pleased with the Scarface GIF I’ve created, I would say choosing such famous film scenes is going to make your GIF stand out more and not appear to be just a random piece of media. Giphy is definitely the best GIF generator site to create a moving image GIF. It’s also best suited if you want to quote a scene from a film/show.

Sun Burn

My spy theme gif! Always wear sunscreen.

“Alright babe umm, ahh I have sun burn!”