ds 106: Minimalist TV/Movie Poster (3.5 stars)

This image started out as a rough idea for a tattoo I wanted to get in the future, and while browsing some minimalist poster designs I got inspired to add some flair to this old idea. Many different medias feature blood moons in different ways, and this one was inspired by cheesy horror movies and the game Terraria. It actually started as a Japanese red sun, and I was going to draw a bridge in which fish would leap over to become dragons in the sky. This idea comes from the legend of the Dragon Gate, an old Chinese tale that describes fish that leap over a waterfall to obtain dragonhood. As I was coloring it in however, I realized it held a more eerie, almost vintage aesthetic to it that really reminded me of old horror posters. I decided to stick with it and altered the palette to be a bit dimmer and more of a flat red gradient rather than the previously red and orange gradient.

Browsing through a wide variety of minimalist art and posters gave me a broad yet somewhat inconclusive idea of what I wanted my end product to look like. Some pieces were plain text with a single shape, others were surprisingly detailed with shading and lots of colors. I wanted my end result to be minimalistic yet interesting to look at, and really bring focus to it. Limited colors that were close to each other in hue, clean lines and shapes, and making sure I didn’t add too many details where they weren’t needed. I considered adding buildings or trees in the background and realized that the more I added the less minimalistic it’d be.

This piece was made completely with Grafx2, a free pixel art program. I made the moon with a circle tool and shaded it in by hand. The bridge, outlines, and water reflections were all done by hand with the help of a copy, flip and paste. The text was made by the program as well, it features hundreds of fonts and allows for various colors, effects and sizes! I wrote out “BLOOD” and MOON” separately so that I could stack the words on top of each other. I considered having both words stretch out across the image but thought the text wouldn’t stand out enough and would feel forced.

Minimalism in the Movies

For one of this week’s design assignments, I chose to do a Minimalist TV/Movie Poster. I chose this design assignment because I love minimalism and movies. Minimalism is a great way to express oneself with as little effort or material as possible. I also love movies from all eras, especially the 1980s.

I chose to do Back to the Future because it is a staple movie classic that person must see.

When designing the movie poster, I wanted to do a simple clock design with the numbers counting backwards, showing time going backwards. With a minimalistic two color palette, the orange and the yellow convey a sense of urgency and thrill.

I used my iPad to photoshop the poster together, using multiple layers for every aspect. Using two circles to create the clock and two rectangles to create the border, I was able to make a nice, minimalist poster with zero clutter.

I liked this assignment because it pushed me to use photoshop lettering techniques which I do not use much. I also enjoyed using two specific colors to advertise a certain emotion.

Simplicity At Its Finest

Assignments: Minimalist TV/Movie Covers
Create a tv/movie poster that captures the essence of the story through the use of minimalist design/iconography.

I enjoyed making this assignment. Honestly, any assignment where I can express my love for The Lion King makes me happy. Once again, the choosing the right picture took a while but I am happy with what I chose. I’m also proud of the yellow and black contrast of the lion. It was made by accident but I thought it a cool effect.

1.) I got the lion icon from https://thenounproject.com/
2.) I imported this icon to Medibang as it’s own layer
3.) I added a second layer for the blue solid background and a third layer for the stars.
4.) I filled the back lion yellow and added the icon on top of this create a contrast.
5.) Finally I exported as a .png and posted on this blog!

Can’t Forget the Hat

Minimalist TV/Movie Poster

You’re going to Camp Blood, ain’t ya?

For my second assignment I went with the second recommended one. I created a minimalist movie poster. I googled 80s movies and went with Friday the 13th because that hockey mask to something almost everyone can recognize. I used canva since I saw another student mention it and I figured I should try something new since I keep resorted to power point for everything. I found the web site really easy to use and will likely continue using it for other assignments too. I found the icon using the noun project and just uploaded it to canva and used a bold typeface for the movie title. Altogether, I’m happy with how it turned out.

Pretty In Pink- Revamped

For this assignment, I chose to base my movie poster off of the popular 80s movie (and one of my favorites), Pretty in Pink. I tried to keep the poster as simplistic and clean as this is what the assignment prompted as well as capturing some characteristics of the movie. I designed the background to be a light pink, and chose the title color to be white and only changing the color of the word “Pink” to a hot pink (which resembles the original movie poster below)

I used an actual poster from the movie to base mine. I used Canva, the free online site to create my poster and am starting to become more and more familiar with this site and its formats. 

Minimal Movie Poster

For my third Design Assignment Bank Project of the week I decided to complete the Minimalist Movie/TV Poster project, as suggested to us.

I wanted to keep to the 80’s theme, but try to chose a movie I haven’t featured yet. So, I selected E.T. which was released in 1982. Not going to lie I’ve watched this movie numerous time growing up, but when I was a little kid this movie was not my favorite. Freaked me out a lot little.

Anyways, I when was looking up ideas for E.T. I was reminded how simple the movie poster designs were to begin with. This created a little bit of a challenge, but I decided to stick with it and focus on the two main symbols from the movie: E.T.’s finger and the image of Elliot and him on the bike. I sided with the bike and the logo.

Shoutout to Rachel for the recommendation to use Canva. I actually never heard of the sight before. I read her blog post and Allison’s comment and decided to give it a shot. (Check out Rachel’s post here). Canva is easy to use and have a lot of fun designs featured on the sight. I used their website for the background. I imported the logo and bike image which were isolated and made white using Photoshop.

Minimalist Poster

I read another classmates post who mentioned Canva as a good source to design a poster. There is options for posters, videos, cards etc. The obvious choice for this assignment was a poster. I only used three elements to complete this poster. I’m certain this is probably easy to figure out, but in case you … Continue reading “Minimalist Poster”

Minimalist TV/Movie Poster – Braveheart

One of my favorite movies is Braveheart, so I wanted to make my minimalist poster of it. A main symbol in the movie is a sword, it is the tool that is used to fight, but in the movie it also represents a tool to gain freedom. I was planning on adding more than just one sword, But when I found this minimalist picture of a sword, I knew that this is what I was going to have to use. Finding the correct font for the title and the director/main actor was tricky, but once I found it I felt like I had the best possible minimalist movie poster for one of my favorite movies.

heathers again? shocker!

In a completely unforeseen turn of events, I’ve decided to theme another assignment around the 1985 move Heathers! The goal of this assignment was to make a minimalist movie poster! I decided to go with the KILLER (in all senses of the word) movie Heathers because it both fits the 80s theme of our class and gives me permission to think about the MUSICAL which is a brilliant work of art. Much like my minimalist poster!

the tag below the gun reads “Created by Dama Adhikara from Noun Project”

so i feel like a more apt label for the style of this poster is “minimal-ish”, because I am not, and have never been, prone to simplicity. So although I did my best, and I believe I was mostly successful, i would call it true minimalilsm. However! I used gimp again and it wasn’t a four hour painful process (like this one was). I actually started out my creation in Microsoft Paint, where I created the color block for the background (red, green, and yellow, because each of the three Heathers wears one of those colors throughout the film). Once my color block was finished

I opened it in gimp, where I made a few changes. First, I cropped the image so it was just colors. Then, I rotated it to be vertical stripes, because I feel like that emphasizes the poster aspect more, as well as nixing any sense of hierarchy that comes with the colors being on top of each other. Additionally, I decreased the saturation and contrast of the block to make it more subdued like the Heathers’s clothes in the film. After that, I went to the noun project, where I downloaded a few files to complete the poster. I used a headstone, a couple embracing, and a gun to try and embody the main essence of the film, and then scaled and moved them around as need be. After all my icons were settled in place, I realized I wanted to add in another color, blue, because that Veronica’s color in the musical, and I figured having a really bright blue in there could make for some nice contrast. So I chose a nice blue, and then used the paintbrush to go for a kind of airbrushed vibe behind the embracing couple (JD and Veronica). My initial thought was to put the blue under the headstone, but the implications of doing so are Not in line with the plot of the film. Finally, I searched around gimp for a nice font to put the movie title in, and stuck in vertically down the side. I did this because I think it evens the poster out nicely, and I’m a sucker for vertical words.

Overall, I really really like how this came out. Its a little reminiscent of this creation that was literally the first thing I ever made for this class! My gimp skills are coming along slowly but surely, and I like the minimalish approach that I took; it helped me remember that I don’t have to throw ten thousand things at a piece to make something fun to look at.

gimp on, -liz

bibliography & attributes!

kissing image: Love by Luis Prado from the Noun Project

gun image: Gun by Dama Adhikara from the Noun Project

headstone image: gravestone by Andrejs Kirma from the Noun Project