Into The Badlands

My band is currently in the studio working on our debut album, and we’re planning on releasing at least two music videos for it. One we’re going to be shooting at a show, but the other, for our song “Into The Badlands”, we’ll be using stock western footage and various show clips. Now, we previously recorded the song on out first demo, and I put together a small draft of the music video using the old version of the track, but the final cut will be much cleaner, and with the new and improved recording of the song. I used the Kdennlive software, as it runs on GNU/Linux, and grabbed a few live clips of my band, and some stock western clips from, which are all free.


‚ÄúPraise the Lord‚ÄĚ A music video by Rich Barnes

In 2013 I found a different calling and started to go to a Christian church in downtown Fredericksburg. In February of 2014 I was baptized and became a Christian. Prior to this lifestyle change I had been a death metal musician for over 15 years. I would soon become a member of the worship band at my church. I was a death metal musician Monday-Saturday and a worship leader on Sundays. I fused the two elements together in 2014 and made a Christian death metal album. For anyone that is curious here is a song (with cheesy video) from it:

First yes, my death metal band is called Telephone Pole Cancer. I shared this song so you can get an idea of my “normal” singing voice and playing style. Obviously the vocal style I used is not for everyone! I wrote a few worship songs last year and I finally recorded¬†the song called¬†“Praise the Lord.” Praise was the first recorded song I tried to sing on since 2002. This is the song and video. Hope you enjoy it!

The assignment was worth 5 stars.

This was by far the most time consuming assignment I have done for DS106. I used CoolEdit96 to record the song. I recorded the guitar first, then the bass, the drums and the keyboards last. The very last thing I did was the vocals which are sometimes layered over multiple times. I avoid vocal effects but there are parts where there are five or six of me singing! This is an original song I wrote created from the Psalms in the bible.

The video was shot at my house and I also went down to Old Mill Park to shoot some video. The scene with the water would be the Rappahannock River. It was difficult deciding what to shoot for this video. I did not want to take any copyrighted pictures from the internet. I tried to go for symbolism with shots representing things that remind me of God. Things like water (baptism), trees (life) and the sky (heaven). I also tried out a few low camera angles that I mentioned in my blogs from earlier in the week. I used PowerDirector to do the opening title and imbed the cross in the sky via green screen. First the title:

praise tut 1

Now the green screen effect. The shot of the cross in front of the green screen is on the left and the cross with the green removed is to the right. I also added a visual star effect after the green screen was finished.

praise tut 2

Fellow Ds106er’s, green screen (AKA Chroma Key) is a blast to work with but can also be VERY frustrating. You cannot have any shadows behind the subject you are shooting. You need one simple consistent green color behind your subject. This was fairly simple to do but it can get much more difficult when the object you are shooting is moving. If you would like to try out green screen first you’ll need software that supports it. PowerDirector and iMovie can be used, last I checked Windows Movie Maker cannot. There are also numerous tutorials on YouTube. Windows Movie Maker is great for simple editing and that’s what I used to piece this together. A screen shot of the whole video:

praise tut 3

I used a few effects in Movie Maker which can be found under the top via “Visual Effects.” The words were added by clicking on the caption button. I cannot stress enough to just play around and have fun. I am a self taught musician and learned everything I have done in video by trial and error. I know if I can do it you will all succeed as well.



Music Video

I decided to relate this one to my host character, The Headless Ballerina. What better way to do that is through dance, right??? My personal favorite types of music videos are full dance ones, and I’m sure THB’s are too! This was pretty simple, I took a video of a dance that I was in (try to find me!) and uploaded it in my iMovie. Then, I turned down the original sound and put the¬†music over top of the video, because it was really poor. Lastly I uploaded it to YouTube! Then viola, a music video for In This Shirt by the Irrepressibles!

AaronLine Bling

When I saw the assignment where I could make a music video my mind immediately went to the Hottest music video right now Hotline Bling by Drake. In his music video he just dances with a shite background and different colors so I decided that I would just make a video of myself as drake in the video. Enjoy!

This is a 5 star video assignment for Ds106 titled Create A Music Video. I made this by recording myself multiple times dancing to Hotline Bling and then mashing those clips together and changing the color of the clip in imovie

Sterling James ‚Äď The Foundation of my Faith

These video assignments can be found here:

Create a Music Video (5 Stars)

Public Service Announcement (5 Stars)

I’m a Bee

This is for the “Create a Music Video” video assignment. ¬†For whatever reason, when I saw this assignment post, I thought of that terrible Black Eyed Peas song, Imma Be. ¬†Whenever I heard that song when it was popular, all I could think of was that it sounded like the guy was saying “I’m a Bee”. ¬†So I decided to make a parody music video with my spaz of a friend back home. ¬†We mostly just goofed around with the camera and a bee suit, finding ways to play on the song’s lyrics. ¬†It took quite a while to make, but it was fun as hell to do. ¬†When I got back up to Fredericksburg, I put all the footage on my desktop and started editing through the hours of footage we took. ¬†Here’s the result of our labors.

Jim Sardic turned off the video half-way through. ¬†People still connected to the internet do the weirdest stuff, he thought. ¬†He sat in his secondary office, a rundown closet behind a salon in Queens. ¬†Technology still works here, and even though Sardic preferred the old school ways that Manhattan had readopted since the Puncture, his job required him to contact the outside world every once in a while. ¬†The people who made this parody video had been missing for some time now, and their friends are convinced outsiders had something to do with it. ¬†Sardic hoped not; outsiders don’t usually leave the vicinity of the Puncture. ¬†But it happens. ¬†Brooding all the while, he jotted down info on the victims from social media sites. ¬†Their habits, interests, and whereabouts all went into Sardic’s little brown notebook. ¬†He smirked as he turned the¬†off the computer¬†and got up to leave. ¬†“And people wonder why we New Yorkers like our privacy,” he muttered as he walked out the door.

My Kind of Princess!

If this is what the future of Disney has in store for there princesses, then I must be living in the wrong decade!

The best part of taking over Amy’s computer this weekend has been delving into her life for a change! The tables have turned and I am taking full advantage of nosing into her life (most of which can be found within the webpages and Word documents of her computer) like she has been mine. And apparently, one of her many, many obsessions revolve around the world and creations of Disney, whose work I am vaguely familiar with.

I am¬†relieved¬†to see Disney has finally woken up after all those years and showcased what it really means not just to be a princess, but a¬†woman!¬†Sure, there’s a few princesses circulating around the cinema, like that ludicrous¬†Snow White, so faint and frail that she had to rely on the seven puniest little bumbling men to get back on her feet … Turning¬†Brave’s Merida into a subject for a five-star music video seemed fitting and a deserving honor to this amazing fellow character of mine … not to mention a fellow red haired, badass lass who¬†certainly knows how to handle a bow and arrow!

BRAVE, indeed!

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 10.13.24 AM

Uptown Funk Parody Cover

This video assignment can be found here:                                              Create Your Own Music Video

I decided to complete this video assignment to fulfill the requirement in creating a video that relates to our character in some way. If you look back at my group’s radio show Inside Talking, you will notice that the opening instrumental is actually the instrumental from Mark Ronson’s Uptown Funk¬†featuring Bruno Mars. This song also just so happens to be one of El Jota’s favorite songs that he currently plays at his night club each night. Sterling (my character) and El Jota became really cool friends after finishing their radio show so Sterling thought it would be funny to do a Bruno Mars impersonation for El Jota’s enjoyment. This really portrays the funny side of Sterling that you have not been able to see over the past weeks.


Believe it or not, but I actually recorded my own cover of this song using the vocal booth at UMW. I first imported the instrumental into GarageBand and then recorded my vocals on top to mix it all together. Recording the song itself took some sweet time itself to finish, but I really wanted to make this assignment legitimate. After recording the song, I emailed it to myself so that I could access it on my phone where I then was able to play it out loud and then lip sync my own words. I ventured out to different locations while my friend kindly video taped me with my Dslr camera as we roamed downtown. I will admit though that my friend kept cutting the video recording because strangers were walking by and he was too conscious of what people would think of us, so I awkwardly ended up with footage showing nobody else but me. Other than that, I really have no complaints about the video besides the fact that this is yet again another assignment were I successfully embarrassed myself. Hopefully my grade for this week will make up for it.

Take Me To Church ‚Äď A Music Video


I just wanted to crawl (or flip) into bed. Once again I chose to do a video for music but this assignment was different. It wanted an actual music video and I decided on incorporating my noir character and another. In all honesty I have no idea who else this is about because I just couldn’t find the right noir character from my fellow DS106ers. Regardless, I consider this involving another character because I took the time to look through people’s blogs and try to find a character. None really stuck with me though. I know, however, that one will some day. I just don’t feel it right now.


My video is about a past relationship Layla had with someone else. It ended badly of course and much of the content of the video incorporates some aspect of their relationship. I added a lot of red because that is Layla’s favorite color and the overall song adds a mellow atmosphere. The fire and smoke reminded me of danger and safety at the same time and that’s what the relationship was. It didn’t last long but it was intense. Layla would actually admit that he was very important to her. Of course, he wasn’t as important as Terrence or Marcus. No one was. But he did get close. Their relationship would be one she would never forget.




Music Video ‚Äď 5 stars

This assignment like most of the assignments this week took a lot of work. ¬†I am really proud of this video. So right now a 80’s workout video had Taylor Swifts Shake it off dubbed over top and it makes a pretty hilarious video. So I took this assignment and created my own version of […]