Road Trip Mems

Original DS 106 Assignment: Two Image Graphic Spread (3 stars)

Avery is beginning her 15 hours trek from Marfa, Texas to Sofi Stadium in California. She’s not sure how long it’ll really take or how much gas she’s going to spend, but it needs to be worth it. She was finally able to get a weekend off from the restaurant (first time in 2 years) and she is anxious actually leaving it in the hands of everyone else. The best thing she can do right now is enjoying her and everything that is yet to come. But first, pictures! Avery was gifted a polaroid camera last Christmas and is excited to use it for the first time and document her journey.

Avery’s Road Trip to the Finale

Step 1: Choose your photo editor of choice. The best and easiest one I have been able to access is Canva. Canva allows you to pick from multiple pre-made templates as well as starting from a blank one.

Step 2: In the search bar type what template you are looking for. Given Avery is early 20’s, she is still heavily on social media, so I looked for an Instagram template that would be aesthetic.

Step 3: Insert photos. Here we are following the guidelines and inserting two photos of Avery during her road trip. One at the Arizona border and the other at New Mexico. These are supposed to look like polaroid pictures, since the vintage polaroid are making a comeback.

Step 4: Export and share! Canva allows you to automatically share to social medias or share to your computer to upload to a blog like this one. Canva has a history of all your projects as well so it is good to go back to templates you like.

Two Image Graphic Spread

Combine two or more photos In a multi-image spread. Using Adobe illustrator or comparable, make the images into a graphic- I used the image trace 16 colors On Illustrator. Next I made the image trace a live paint to correct any mis colored regions. Add the locations of the photos.