What is the Color of My World? Puuurple.

Honestly, I have so much more purple than this at home. But alas, I can’t show you a picture of my purple accent wall from home. Anways, these are purple things from school. Most of my school accesories are purple.
Of course, this is my favorite color. This is for the What Color is Your World Assignment? This was two stars.

This is how I did it:

Step 1: Take pictures.

Take the Picture

Step 2: Send it to your computer.

This can be through emailing it to yourself, flickr, uploading, etc.

Step 3: Open iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, etc.

Drag and drop your images to iMovie, etc.


Step 4: Add transitions

To do this in iMovie, go to the bottom right. There will be a weird looking hourglass shape. Click that and it will list the transitions. From here, drag and drop them to the appropriate place (usually between the pictures).


Step 5: Add music

I used Fly by Ludovico Einaudi. To add music, click the music note by the transition button. This will give you the option to use iMovie sounds (jingles, effects, etc.) or add music from your iTunes library. This is what I did. Click the down bar and select iTunes music. From here, search in the seach bar for your music and drag and drop the name of it (in this instance, Fly) over to your pictures. It will automatically shorten the clip to the necessary length to cover your pictures. It will be a green marker over your pictures, like in the screen shot.


* Ignore the weird pictures my sister and I took when I first got my Mac. Also, I have no clue why it says 1969.

Step 6: Export
This is the “equal” of saving. Go to share > export movie and then select your location and voila!

[5/7] stars

What Color is your world?

Everyday we see different colors throughout our day. Pick a single color to photograph throughout a typical day. How is this color part of your daily routine? Now the fun part. Find a song that is relevant to the color that you choose. Mash up these images to make a short film/clip while layering which ever song you choose on top.