Tutorial: How to be Yourself

Well, that’s an odd title, but essentially, that is what I am here to teach you how to do today. Today you will be learning the essentials in… (drum roll)… how to record a day in the life! You can view the one I created here.  To make this tutorial easier, I have created a list, and incorporated images so that you can have text to read, as well as a visual. First off, I wanted to point out why I decided to create a tutorial around such a straight forward topic. That is because I truly enjoyed recording a day in my life, and being able to go back and show family members what I did on that certain day. This was probably one of my most liked assignments. Anyways, let’s get onto the list of how to successfully record a day in the life.

  1. Have a device which records. I want to point out that it does not matter if you own or borrow the device. Simply have something, whether a camera or phone, which stores video and either has a USB connection to your laptop or a removable SD card. Also note, it doesn’t matter if you have a fancy $5000 DSLR camera or a smartphone! Just make sure the quality is somewhat decent so that viewers do not get frustrated and quickly lose interest.
  2. Pick the perfect day. Now unless you are a daily vlogger, you should try to choose a day which will be filled with adventure. I’m not asking for you to travel half way across the country, but simply don’t record yourself sitting on the couch all day, because, again, it might cause your viewers to lose interest.
  3. Record. Yes, it’s that simple! On the day chosen, pull out your device and start filming. Make sure to have permission of family and friends before filming them, just in case they become uncomfortable. Another tip, you do not have to be speaking every moment of your vlog. You could record a scene and add music over the clip sound to make it more “artsy.” Try recording things that are going on. The camera does not have to have you on the spotlight at all times.
  4. Edit. For this step, make sure you have a laptop or desktop. If you really have to, you could even use a tablet to edit, but keep in mind it might become frustrating trying to send clips over. Download free programs such as Windows Movie Maker for Windows computers and iMovie for Apple computers. If you really want to, you could purchase a fancy editing software, but it might be too complicated for beginners, plus you would have to pay money for it. While editing, try different animations, titles, text, music, sound effect, ANYTHING! This is your vlog. You can make it however you want, just try to not make it very confusing for the audience to watch (I keep repeating myself, I know).

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 4.18.50 PM       5. Upload. Upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo, whichever you prefer. I personally prefer YouTube because they have the option to make your videos private or unlisted.
6. Create a Blog Post. The final step to the assignment is to bring it all together in a post, detailing how you went about creating it. Be sure to use accurate tags, and that you followed instructions within the assignment.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 4.16.38 PM


And that is how you create the perfect day in the life! Note, everything mentioned in this post are my own opinions on how to go about creating the assignment. If you want to add anything, or disagree with something I said, please let me know down below in the comments.

A Day in Your Life

In this assignment I want you to take video of what you do one day. Whether that is going to hang out with friends, or going on a long trip with your family. Take photos or video whichever is easier to do and then comprise a video out of it with a song or soundtrack that represents the day. Be creative and take images of your life that is out of the box or is something that you wouldn’t expect from you! This is giving others a glimpse into your life so make it count! I suggest that you use the 4K audio downloader for songs if you don’t have any on the computer and for the video you can use iMovie or Windows media player.