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Tutorial for Cropped Signs

I didn’t exactly do this assignment, but I did a remix for it. So I’m going to walk you through everything it took me to do the remix (which was adding a mustache to my final product), but if you do not need the remix, you may take away the last step.

I used BeFunky to create this assignment. They have tools from photo editing with photoshop-esque tools, filters, and other tools. They also have a collage feature where you can combine multiple pictures, and add edits at the end. For this project, I used the photoshop tools. Below, I have listed the steps I took to complete this project.

  1. First, I started by uploading my picture to BeFunky.

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 1.53.43 PM2. In order to edit the word that you want to remove, select the cutout option. Use whatever tool you want to, I used the square tool, and select the area that you want to remove. Once you have it selected, click on “Export as Layer”. This will allow you to edit the word separately from the rest of the picture.

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 1.54.10 PM3. Now, you can go to the “Layer Manager” page, and select the layer you want to edit. You should use the color picker in order to make the layer one solid color, making it look like it doesn’t even exist. With the color picker, select the color you want to make the layer by clicking on the eye dropper tool, then clicking on the existing color in the image.

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 1.55.08 PM

4. Once you have selected the color, in my case yellow, make the intensity 100% so that the word will disappear into the background.
Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 1.55.33 PM5. If you are not going to add anything to the sign, you may skip past this step. Otherwise, keep on reading! I uploaded the mustache where it says “Add Layer”. I put the mustache on top of the image, and it had a white background. In order to get rid of this, I went to “Blend Mode”, and I selected “Multiply”. This makes the white background a transparent background. Now, adjust your image to the size and placement you want, and voila! One additional step you may take is to click the “Flatten Layers” button to make them one cohesive picture.  However, if you save the image to your computer at this step, that will not make a difference.
Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 1.56.34 PM6. Lastly, you need to save the image onto your computer by clicking on the save button, and following the instructions to save it to your computer! 


I hope this tutorial has proved useful.  You can comment below if you have any additional questions about how to use BeFunky or do this assignment!

Seasonally Friendly?

Visual Assignment 129—Cropped Signs (2 stars). I’m finding these assignments a lot of fun. They really challenge you to look at things differently, creatively. The thinking about it, trolling for an appropriate sign and planning the execution was a little time consuming, but I was thinking about it all day, all week, looking around as a went about my days. At work, driving to and from work, every place I visited, every sign I saw, I was contemplating if it was crop worthy for this assignment. I knew this would be fun if I could just find the right subject sign. But I was challenging myself to just be able to take the shot, isolating the right words, without editing the photo later.

Today, I decided to take a walk around historic downtown Fredericksburg to take photos. For visual assignments, for daily creates, for fun. Along the way, I took notice of all sorts of signs, evaluating them skeptically for potential for this assignment. Store signs, road signs, advertisements, etc. It was hot and busy, and my camera was dying. I gave up. I got back into my car and made my way back through downtown to head home. Then it caught my eye! It was on the edge of an alleyway. After finding a place to park and walking several blocks back to the scene, I got the perfect shot! No editing, just using the megazoom on my new Canon PowerShot SX260. I love it!

Seasonally Friendly

Here is the whole sign for The Back Yard at J. Brian’s Tap Room at 200 Hanover Street, Fredericksburg, Va.

The Back Yard

I doubt the owner’s would approve of my creative cropping of their signage as the new meaning, while funny, is not very hospitable. :)

Now I can’t stop looking at signs in a new way…creatively, and a little twisted maybe, but fun nonetheless.



No Barking Tenants Tutorial

For my last tutorial, I’m going to show you how I did my Cropped Signs assignment. First thing you want to do, open paint and open the file of the picture you want to edit. In my case, the file I opened was huge, so I used the Resize/Skew function to make the picture smaller. [...]

Cropped Signs

_cokwr: We think of creation as addition, but there is a form of creation by deletion (e.g. Newspaper Blackout poetry http://newspaperblackout.com/) In this assignment, you need to change, alter, enhance the meaning of a sign by cropping out parts of it. This should be doing in camera, but could also be done in post- crop out, but do not photoshop in any extras. Also, be sure to describe in you caption or blog post what the original sign said. For the example below, the sign said "No Canada Tennis Parking" but by removing the last word, it makes it sound more like a radical anti-tennis call for action., _cpzh4: Visual, _cre1l: http://www.flickr.com/photos/cogdog/5677012243/, _chk2m: cogdog, _ciyn3: 129, _ckd7g: , _clrrx: , _cztg3: