3D Printed Assignments

Create a house

For this assignment you need to use a CAD program and create a simple first floor of a house.  You don’t need to be fancy, but you should think of what each room would be used for.  Once you are done take a screenshot of your drawing showing all the rooms and then tell us what each room would be used for.

Create and print a 3D Vehicle

For this assignment you should pick a vehicle such as a car, boat, plane, ect and create it in a CAD program.  Then you should take your drawing and print it out using a 3D printer if possible.  You should post your drawing on thingiverse and a photo of your printed vehicle if you also printed it out.

3D Stanley

A la the famous Flat Stanley, print a 3D model of something (or someone) you find meaningful. Ttake your new object on a journey around whereever you are and document that journey in photographs. You can find lots of great models at http://thingiverse.com or you can make your own using a CAD program like TinkerCAD.

For example, you might make your own Stanley (or even this dancing Ganesh) take him with you to the supermarket and photograph him helping you choose which brand of cereal to buy. Or you might print a skull and photograph strangers posing with it as Hamlet lamenting poor Yorick’s demise. 

Mash It and Make It

Take two 3D models of and mash them up in a CAD program (TinkerCad is great) to create a new object. Once you’ve mashed it up, print it and photograph your creation. You can use two existing models from Thingiverse.com or another such site or make one yourself using a CAD programand combine it with an existing model.

  • Find a model on Thingiverse
  • Find another model or make your own
  • Mash them up into a whole new model
  • Print it
  • Photograph it
  • And then narrate it’s life story.