Audio Assignments

Dr. Oblivion intro

Use or write an intro to a show or podcast or speech and have Dr. Oblivion say it for you.

Creat a Commercial

For “Create a Commercial,” create a commercial using a video editor such as iMovie, Adobe, ect. In this assignment, you should aim to make a commercial for your radio show. In the commercial, you can create a whole new product or use one that is already out, such as an advertisement for Apple Inc., Nike, Walmart, etc. Try NOT to make it too long or else your viewer will get upset, limit to 10-30 seconds.

Radio Show Intermission

“Radio Show Intermission” is a lively and engaging break in your listening experience to offer a refreshing pause between discussions. Add a short line of text to captivate your audience and ensure that they stay past the break. Add some sound as well and make it to your liking with whatever them best suits your show.

Radio Intro

Create a radio show introduction relating to a theme of your choosing. You may use whatever source or website you want to create the intro. For example, I use iMovie to create mine, however, you are free to use whatever treats you best.

Consult with your Doctor

If you give Dr. Oblivion ( a question or directive, he will give a response of up to a minute, which may or may not be loaded with snark. For this assignment you should download the MP3 of the Doctor’s response, import it into Audacity and cut it up and insert your part of the conversation, which doesn’t necessarily have to match your original input. You may download a few MP3 responses from to get some personality variation. And you don’t have to let him have the last word.

Make some BOOM

One of the positive developments of artificial intelligence is the NEEDS MORE BOOM site ( which will re-script a movie scene in the style of Michael Bay. Actually it will turn any text input into a Michael Bay scene. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to use the site to generate a script, then make that script into an audio production. You can find sound effects at and you can Google “open source music” for soundtrack music. Blow this assignment up!

Breaking News!

Create a breaking news story. This should be fake news. You should create a dialogue and have an AI read it using text to speech. There are several free programs. One possibility is Mix in a news jingle to make your story sound legit. You can find some jingles on Be sure to give credit if necessary. 

Be creative, funny, or serious. The choice is yours. Just make it sound realistic.

Recite a story

Record yourself reciting different sections of a novel to quickly give the jist of the story or a subplot. They can be bits of dialog or exposition, but make sure they’re spread throughout the novel, so you’re getting a full storyline. Add music or sound effects in the background if you want, just make it engaging!

Album Mashup

Create a mashup on GarageBand or comporable with multiple songs from the same album.

Chrome Music Labs

Using the crome music labs at , Specifically the Song Maker application make a song that’s at least 20 measures long. Then share your Piece on your blog or tweet it and explain your artistic process.