Web Assignments

NFT Digital Art

Using Adobe Photoshop, create an avatar or some sort of character. Next, design or clip different accessories/features onto different layers. Group the accessories into categories (for example: I used hats, glasses, different mouths, and different backgrounds- so each would it’s own layer and grouped accordingly.) Finally, download the photoshop composition composer master file from the internet (JXS file) and run the script. From there it will generate as many variations as possible. 

Tutorial link for the script:

Spread the Word

Have you seen him?


Chiweenie 2015-2021

From the Pawboost alert you can visualize the story that we’ve been searching for our four pawed friend. I think telling a story is best told with a mans bestfriend. So to finish this assignment I want you to share your loved furry one. If you have a lost a loved one you have the ability to recreate their image by sharing a photo through this digital storytellin way. See how the community and the rest of the class reacts to a sentimental post, they keep removing my assignment, Or I really don’t know whats going on. I wrote this as part of my nonfiction/fiction blog story, because I wanted a chance to develop my story  Through technology we have a strong impact to express our weakness and reach out to whole communities so Im hoping this stays up with all intentions for people to interact with it.

Guess the Story

Use at least five GIFs to tell a myth, folklore, or legend. Add a few hints about what story you are depicting to help people guess. Be creative with the GIFs you find and try to find a lesser known story to tell. It can also make fun the of story. Post the GIF story on your blog and let people guess what the story is. 


Your Own Creepy Reddit Forum

Unique to the web, forums provide some of the most interesting modern myths and horror (think Slenderman). For this assignment, create a Reddit account and create a post about your very own creepy story telling of your encounter with a legend. It can be based on an existing legend/myth or a legend you make up yourself. It can as ‘true’ as you want it to be, whether it’s a creepy story that actually happened to you, or one you make up for this assignment (be creative!). See how the community and the rest of the class reacts to your scary story. For inspiration or examples, see the following two linked examples, or google creepy Reddit stories yourself: https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/3xg36j/serious_what_is_the_creepiest_thing_that_has_ever/cy4f6mm/ and https://www.reddit.com/r/LetsNotMeet/comments/rvzaq/the_smiling_man/

Looking Back To The Past

Simple look back at your past work and compare it to the work you produce now and tell us a bit about each thing you have created and tell us how you have improved since the 1st thing you created and uploaded to the web/internet 

Go Back in Time

As you probably know, you can use the Wayback Machine from the Internet Archive to see what websites looked like years ago. Take a look at what several different sites looked like in the 90s to get a feel for the style of the times. Then, create a  website that mimics that style, so information should be historically accurate but creative. For example if you choose to style your website after websites in 1998, you could talk about the your new discman or do a movie review of Armageddon, maybe create an AOL chatroom page.

Create Finsta instagram

 Create an alternate instagram page that depicts you as another character unlike yourself! Post an intro post that describes the character you have describe to be.

Nike Run GPS Map Art

Have you ever looked at a GPS map of your run? It looks like a bunch of… well nothing. The objective of this assignment is to make “running art.” Download the Free Nike Run app on your smart phone. Then go for a run (any length of run will do) and try your best to create a GPS image of where you ran. It can be as simple (heart, star, etc) or as you want or as crazy. You can try looking at the roads on Google Maps before going running to decide what image you are going to create. Screenshot your running art and tell us a little bit about it on your post! 

Create your own room

Ever thought of creating your own dream room? Now you can! Using pinterest find rooms, furniture, colors etc. From there write a blog post about why you chose everything! This is your dream so make it as crazy and out of the box that you can think of!

~Ghosts From Ds106 Past~

Go through the archives of the ds106 website (or search #ds106 anywhere on the internet) and recreate it to the best of your ability while still making it your own!