Animated GIF Assignments

GIFFing Impossible!

Take a portal into what’s humanly impossible with an animated GIF. Tools such as cinemagram are really useful for this assignment.

Riff a GIF

Some of the best parts of ds106 happens when people spontaneously build off of the whacky things others share. Rapid fire style.

Your assignment is to riff on someone eles’s ds106 work and make it new in a GIF form. It can be revising an existing GIF, or taking a graphic and turning it into a GIF.

Riff the GIF, say it three times fast.

All Aboard The GIF Train

“Train kept a rollin’ all night long…” “Down around the corner half a mile from here, see them long trains run and you watch them disappear…” Trains. They are in songs, movies, and a metaphor for steady movement. And they are ripe for GIFing- given their regular repeated motion.

Capture the essence of train movement in a GIF, and do what you can to keep it under 1 Mb (much of the train passing is repeated and you can delete frames and not lose the motion). Step it up a notch and match your train gif to a song using


Muppet GIFs

Search the Jim Henson universe and create a fabulous muppet GIF.

GIF Your Name

Create an animated GIF that includes your name as it might appear (or does appear) in a movie.

If you cannot find a movie that somehow features your name in it (Luckily for me there is a place in This Wonderful Life called “Potterville”!), well you are just going to have to apply your mad ds106 skills to make it happen.

Rock ‘n Roll ‘n GIF

Animate your favorite music performer, it need not be rock and roll (bu of course “Rock and Roll will never die”) – see if you can capture the essence of a single performer and their relationship to music or their instrument.