Assignment Idea

4 seasons Canada

Canada experiences four distinct seasons – spring, summer, fall (autumn), and winter – due to its geographical location and large landmass. Here are some reasons why the four seasons are so cool in Canada. As a geography teacher, I love teaching about the geographical extent, latitude, continental climate, influence of oceans, polar jet streams, hemispheres etc… This visual assignment is a powerful way to demonstrate the 4 seasons.

Visual assignment

Make a collage of the 4 seasons: Winter, Fall, Summer, and Spring.

Animatic joy

Make an animatic! 

Animatics are used to plan an animation, and use low-resolution images to convey timing, rather than the look and feel of the final piece. They’re usually a series of pictures and drawn images to convey scenes and timing. An animatic is a rough visual preview of an animation or idea, timed to the voice over and/or music.


Breaking News!

Create a breaking news story. This should be fake news. You should create a dialogue and have an AI read it using text to speech. There are several free programs. One possibility is Mix in a news jingle to make your story sound legit. You can find some jingles on Be sure to give credit if necessary. 

Be creative, funny, or serious. The choice is yours. Just make it sound realistic.


What is is to be Strong, to be Brave? 

I would lke to add diferent pictures to aswering this question, and add a back story as to why i am asking this question!

Stay Home – Living is Dangerous

Create some sort of graphic. Design the overall graphic to convey some sort of feeling or theme, but then have text saying something completely contradictory to the theme or feeling. Sort of like one of those old anti-motivational posters, but with more design than a black box with a white frame.”

How does a song make you feel

I chose the song ‘This Comes From Inside’. I feel excited at 00:19 cause I love the lyrics. I get hyped at 00:44 cause the video for the song is great. The song also talks about the community that like the game the song is based on and its pretty good.

My Wellness Check

What worries me most about the future?

Passing my classes and getting my degree

What am I doing about the things that matter most in my life?

I am trying to work towards it

What do I want most in life?

To have a job that I enjoy and a family

When did I last push the boundaries of my comfort zone?

I’m working on trying new foods and talking to people

What goals do I need to have to get where I want to be?

Get good grades and do well in excercise

My Mc for Dragon Story






A paragraph for Backstory please

Do the Walk of Life

The Walk of Life Project says that the Dire Straits’ song “Walk of Life” is the perfect ending song for any movie, and give numerous examples. So in the spirit of beating a dead horse, I propose that we make more. Pick a film that hasn’t been done already, and edit the song into the ending scene. The trick is to edit it so that the visuals align with the music in some meaningful way.