Audio Assignments

Movie Voice Machines

_cokwr: Create a voice mail message for a character in a film or tv show. Use samples, impressions, and/or music to create your message., _cpzh4: Audio, _cre1l:, _chk2m: Michael Branson Smith, _ciyn3: 196, _ckd7g: , _clrrx: , _cztg3:


_cokwr: My memories fade over time, but sometimes there is a song that can take me back to a place that revives the memories of my past. The song allows me to remember things I thought I had forgotten. So, for an assignment, pick a song that does that for you, and tell some stories about what you remember. An example for me would be to pick a song off of the Journey "Escape" album, and talk about the summer job I had cutting the grass for my high school the summer before my senior year. The smells, the grease, the noise, the sunburn, the boredom, the friends. In the assignment you might want to mix your voice over parts of the song, give an intro, tell the story first and play the song, break up the song with the story - lots of options. But nothing too long - my attention span is short. These would be great to post on ds106 radio., _cpzh4: Audio, _chk2m: Jerry, _ciyn3: 75, _ckd7g: , _clrrx: , _cztg3: