Mashup Assignments

Remix an Album Cover

_cokwr: Find an iconic album cover and remix it to represent a something different. It can be a play on the title, the image, the aesthetic, genre, etc. See the visual example featuring Snoop Dog and Dr Dre as Chronic Youth (a play on Sonic Youth's album cover Goo). , _cpzh4: Mashup, _cre1l:, _chk2m: Jim Groom, _ciyn3: 211, _ckd7g: , _clrrx: , _cztg3:

Consumer Mashup

_cokwr: Think of anyplace you spend money, and what you most often buy at that place. Then redesign their logo to incorporate your favorite product. Do as many as you want., _cpzh4: Mashup, _chk2m: ADRE, _ciyn3: 120, _ckd7g: , _clrrx: , _cztg3:

Movie Trailer Mashup

_cokwr: Take your favorite movie trailer and mash it up with a different trailer to completely change the meaning of the original trailer. For example, if you have a funny movie trailer, give it the sound of a terrifying movie; or vice versa. You may need to clip the audio or the visual, use imovie and audacity to cut the clips to give you what you need. Good luck!, _cpzh4: Mashup, _cre1l:, _chk2m: duncandonuts56, _ciyn3: 125, _ckd7g: , _clrrx: , _cztg3:

Music Mash

_cokwr: Take clips from different songs and mash them up into something fun. Try to use random effects and cross music genres., _cpzh4: Mashup, _cre1l:, _chk2m: jennak, _ciyn3: 128, _ckd7g: , _clrrx: , _cztg3: