Writing Assignments

Your Hopes, Dreams, and Fears

Write a letter to yourself describing how you ideally imagine your life, career, etc. in 10 years. Then keep the letter and read it in 10 years and see how your life turned out versus how you imagined it.

A Letter to You as a Child

Write a letter to yourself at a certain age. Is there anything specific you would tell yourself? Is there anything you know now that you wish you knew then? Let yourself know! You could include telling yourself what you’re like in the future. THe possibilities are endless!

To my mom

If you’re like me, you are super close to your mom. The woman who has done everything for you from missing work to be with you, to driving hours to be with you. But there is not enough words to thank her. How do you even show her how much you appreciate her for doing everyhing she has done (or even just for loving you) For this assignment you must write an open letter to your mother. Whether it is a thank you letter, a sorry letter, or an anger one. Express the words you always wanted to say to your mother and have fun with it!

Dear Future Husband

Ever think of things to say to your future husband or wife? Write down a short letter to your future husband or wife letting them know the things you want to see in them, expect, and hope the future will be like with them!

Your Character’s Past

If you’ve been a part of DS106 for at least a few weeks, you’ve probably already thought of and created a host character that you will be following around for the remainder of the semester. There are already a lot of assignemnts that deal with your character, but for this assignment, you need to explain how your character grew up, and what made them the way they are today. Did they have a happy or sad childhood? What decisions in life led them up to the point they are at now? Just give us some more detailed background on your character, and make it be worth at least 3 stars.

Dream It…Write It!

Write about a dream you have had. It could be a recurring dream, a vivid dream, or even a dream that you make up. Be sure to describe every detail that you can remember from your dream.

I’m Having an Old Friend for Dinner..

Write a short description/ story about how your night would go if you had someone visit for dinner. For example, you write about what you would fix for dinner, possible discussion topics, how the night would progress, or any other specific details that would make your writing interesting or funny, etc.! Your dinner guest can be another host character, a famous person, someone you know in real life, someone from the past, a character you create, etc.  Have fun with this! You can make this as realistic or as over the top as you want.

Your very own face.

Look at your face in the mirror for one minute. Now write a description of yourself and be very detailed. Do you you have a scare on your chin? What does the scare look like? What about moles, freckle’s, wrinkles, and crows feet? What color are your hair and eye’s?  Can you use word pictures to describe your features and face? Be honest about what you see.

Letter From Out of the Blue

Sit down and write out a letter longhand to someone who will appreciate it. Put it in an envelope, add an old fashioned postage stamp, and drop it in the mail to your recipient. Be sure to get some evidence of your “snail mail” exchange, either by photographing your letter, or even better still, the reply you got back. Extra internet points if you write it to someone whom you do not know, but still feel a common connection.

I’m a real boy.

Everyone has at some point wanted to be like or actually be someone else. Whehter they’re a famous celebrity or just someone you really admire. For example, Pinocchio. He just wanted to be a real boy, thats all he wanted. So what you’re gonna do is write a snapshot of what your life would be if you could be anyone else in the world. This can be a snapshot of a single day, or a summary of how your life would be. Be creative feel free to use anybody whether its a tv character, and actual person, or some random person that lives in your neighborhood.