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A Day in Your Life

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Submitted by: Gabby Christie

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In this assignment I want you to take video of what you do one day. Whether that is going to hang out with friends, or going on a long trip with your family. Take photos or video whichever is easier to do and then comprise a video out of it with a song or soundtrack that represents the day. Be creative and take images of your life that is out of the box or is something that you wouldn't expect from you! This is giving others a glimpse into your life so make it count! I suggest that you use the 4K audio downloader for songs if you don't have any on the computer and for the video you can use iMovie or Windows media player. 

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Submissions So Far

A day in a superhero’s life.

Made with Filmora and Post it notes

This video outlines a day in Tech’s life following the format of ” Eat. Sleep. ___. Repeat.” I also toyed with Transitions here.

A day in my life

I completed the A day in your life (4,5 stars) assignment where I took video snippets to show a day in the life of me. Unfortunately I picked a pretty boring day since all “working days” (mon-fri) look basically the same. I used iMovie and added a song from free …

Day in the Life of Morph Shadow

T0 wrap up my assignments for the second video week, I completed the A Day in Your Life assignment, worth 4.5 stars. Here, I was to create a video that showed what I did one day. However, because of the nature of our class, I altered the assignment a bit …

the not-so-exciting life of me – video assignment –

Well, hello…who’s ready to take another dive into Taylor’s life?

Be warned; it’s weird and unnecessary.

So the video assignment I chose to do was called “A Day in my Life” and I literally filmed this assignment three different times. I had little footage that was also awful the first …

Exploring London 28/01/17

For this assignment I had to create a video of the a “day in my life” which meant filming what I did or what happened during a particular day and editing it together into a video.

When thinking about this task I took inspiration from the YouTubers Casey Neistat and …

“Day In the Life”…

In this assignment I took a video of what I did in one day. Whether it was going to hang out with friends, or going on a long trip with your family.  I took multiple videos and  comprise a video out of it with a song or soundtrack that represents …

Video Assignment: A Day in Your Life

This week’s DS106 assignment was called “A Day in Your Life.”   I was tasked with creating a video of what I do in a normal day.  I chose this assignment because it is something I can see myself assigning for my students.  They could do the assignment as-is or create …

A Day In My Life

So, does anyone else get extremely awkward when recording themselves or am I the only one?? Looking through the video assignments this week was tough because a lot of the things were recording yourself and  I freaked out a little. I finally just came to the realization I needed to …

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Tutorials So Far

Tutorial: How to be Yourself

Well, that’s an odd title, but essentially, that is what I am here to teach you how to do today. Today you will be learning the essentials in… (drum roll)… how to record a day in the life! You can view the one I created here.  To make this tutorial …