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GIF your sassy animal

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Submitted by: Wesley Roberts

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Sassy Cat

Create a GIF of your pet giving you some sas. All animals do and it is generally pretty funny. 

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Submissions So Far

The Savage Bruce

Here is my GIF for GIF Your Sassy Animal assignment. As you can see, Bruce is giving some serious sass. Not really he’s just playing.

Behind the Creation

Bruce is my one year old cat and like most cats we play hide and go seek. Usually he will be around …

Animal Gif

This assignment is worth  3 stars.  I really love to make gifs. I created 3 gif to show a bit of progression of Selene. They are all from youtube, none  are actually her since she is still actually a very young puppy. I used an online site to pull the …

Gif my Sassy Chihuahua

This is my sassy Chihuahua, Khal. I found three photos of my Chihuahua, looking sassy in his blanket. Then, I animated the photos into a gif.

GIF your sassy animal – Parker the cat (Formerly known as Jones)

GIF your sassy animal – Parker the cat (Formerly known as Jones), a photo by Rowan Peter on Flickr.

I don’t have a cat, but if I did I would call it Parker. Just like the cat that used to live next door.

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