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In 2 or more frames write a contridicting thought.

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Contradicting Thought???

Can’t decide which direction to go? Can’t remember which direction you went? Lost in a maze?

There are many contradicting thoughts that occur almost every single day. Personally, I am not very good directionally speaking so I constantly ask myself which way did I come from or which way should …

Gif it!

I used this gif-maker to help me make these gifs out of these images and videos.

Txt-Gif, 2 stars

I no longer have the original four photos used in this gif, but any images can work for a tutorial. To upload multiple images for a gif, you’ll have a …

Magic Eight-Ball GIF

As the third assignment I decided to do for this week, I chose to do the TXT Gifs assignment. The goal of the assignment is to make a GIF with 2 or more frames each with contradicting thoughts. I wanted to make it really fun, so I thought of a …

ily, ily not

This GIF assignment was a fun one.  It had me think of contrasting ideas that would make for a fun GIF.

I used two platforms for this assignment.  The first one I used was Snapchat.  Being a twenty year old girl, I am very familiar with snapchat and its …

Do not enter! Enter?


I created a gif that had two opposite meanings, sometimes signs can be confusing but these are outright contradictory to each other!

I created this GIF using GIMP…


This was an interesting Animated GIF to create. At first, I created my two contradicting thoughts using Power Point. I saved the two slides as JPG files. Then using the tutorial posted on the USMAN Ownz Blog, with a one major modification I was able to create my animation. My …

TXT Gift

This assignment requires writing two contradicting thoughts by using the animation, Gif. Since we just finished the group radio show, I would like to use 2 critics’ hosts from our Edward Creepy Show, a good critic and a bad critic. First, I created these 2 worlds in Paint and saved …

AnimatedGIF Assignments: TXT Gifs

“In 2 or more frames write a contradicting thought.” I did the words STAY and GO as my contradicting thought.

Text + Movment = More Meaning?

What did Descartes say again? “I am therefore I think?”, no that’s not right. That’s how I like to think though. I am here so I think! It’s probably my favorite pass time. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my time than thinking about hard problems. Right …

Peace or War

I decided to go a little easier for my second GIF, just text.  Peace or War.  Displaying PEACE on a white background for a calm feeling and WAR in red font and on a black background to really make you feel the effect of WAR.

I used GIMP to …

Lawrence and Victoire?

I decided to create an animated TXT GIF (worth 3 stars) for my first collaborative character assignment this week. The assignment entailed creating a GIF that shows two contradicting thoughts in 2 or more frames which I think mine does exactly that.

I chose Megan Rosengrant’s Victoire Absinthe as the …

Decisions, decisions, decisions!

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Contradictory Tones

I thought the juxtaposition of the phrases “drugs” and “family business” highlighted a major theme in the Wire. In my post about episode 13 of the Wire that will be up later this week, I discuss D’Angelo’s outcry at how this is his family business. He grew up in this, …

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Tutorials So Far

Binary Gif

“In 2 or more frames write a contridicting thought.”

For this gif assignment i downloaded the 0 and 1 images from google, and I made a binary gif by using the 0 and 1. 0 represent the false , and 1 represent the true. This picture is depicting the concept …