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Modifying an original song without outside sounds

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Submitted by: Jordan Lawrence

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For this assignment you want to choose a song, and using just itself and editing tools such as pitch change, and bass boost, change the song to have a unique sound or feel. Some edits used to do this could be bass boost, pitch changes, play speed changes, reverberations, echos, fade in/out, and overlays of the song.

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Song gone twisted

I had the chance to get my hands on Audacity and as I was getting myself adjusted using such software, I had a lot of fun playing around with it. I chose the song, Shut Up and Dance by Walk The Moon from my “mixtape,” and I added random effects …

Agent Smith – Modification

I have another…message to fellow secret agents….which cannot be accessed through soundcloud because it’s dumb….but regardless, here is another encoded message. It involves adding effects to a song to mask my message. I hope you can receive it well and I await further orders! Agent smith, signing off.

-Agent Smith…

Turbo Mission

Faster. I always need to go faster. Sometimes I see people and I just think they’re moving like snails. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing. Running, watching, processing, improvising – whatever it is, I like moving quickly. Unfortunately, for my ears, that applies to my music as well. This is …

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So my first assignment for the week is:
“Modifying an original song without outside sounds”

This was actually pretty interesting to do.  I’ve always wanted to work with music editing and this assignment gave me the push to actually try without it being too difficult. The song I chose has …

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