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On This Day

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Design your own Google-esque image using either your first or last name. Use the colors of the Google letters. Pick your topic by searching for "on this day in history" using your birthday (month and day only). Be sure to say what the event is below your creation!

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Submissions So Far

On December 24th…

I was born. Yes, I’m a Christmas Eve Baby.

But something else really cool happened that day, in 1970 that is. Hold on to that thought though, I want to explain this assignment first. This has been my favorite one so far this week!

This 2-star design assignment “On

On This Day

I started this assignment by googling “on this day june 26.” After looking through a few websites that filled with uninteresting events, I found that the bicycle was patented in America on my birthday in 1819 ( I then searched and found it multiple other places to verify that it…

Design Assignment – On This Day

First after some looking around on the internet I came across a site that writes any word you want in the google font (which I now think is called Catuller?) and typed in my name and kept hitting create until it gave a random sequence of colors I liked.…

On This Day

This is my first project, completed. I basically created a google-esque version of my name and played with gif and jpeg images to associate an event that happened on my birthday, July 28, in history with the name. Here it is, lemme know what you guys think!…

On This Day Assignment

When my roommate Steph came up with the “On This Day Assignment” I knew exactly what I wanted to do for it. And finally, 2 months later I quit procrastinating and did this.

I did a simple version, just took a screenshot of a Harry Potter movie duel…

Design Assignment

So here’s my first design assignment. It was fun to play with and try out some different things. My first two attempts did not work out too well. I ended up doing most of the initial set up in MS Word, then copying and pasting the content to MS Paint,…

My Design Assignment: On this day…

My birthday is just full of weddings and love!!! Yay me!
I found this one a little bit more difficult to do than the visual assignment. I think it’s because I had more ideas for the visual assignment. And this one was just harder because there was more detail to…

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