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Real Housewives Tagline

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Submitted by: Victoria Le

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You're about to be the next star on the Real Housewives. Create a tagline that expresses who you are. Upload your recording to SoundCloud and blog about why your tagline suits you.

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Submissions So Far

Real Housewives of …

For my second weekly assignment I became the newest “Real Housewife!” I’ll admit this series is one of my guilty pleasures. I may not be current on episodes or have seen every spinoff city, but I do guiltily watch this show from time to time.

The tagline I decided would …

Real housewives tagline

This assignment was called real houswives tagline and was worth 3 stars. For this assignment you had to create a tagline for yourselves as if you were on one of the real houswives shows. I love those shows so this was great for me. I decided to make mine: my …

You Won’t Believe who the Next Real House Wife is!

This is my response to the Real Housewives Tagline assignment, worth 3 stars. I had to create a tagline to be used in a hypothetical situation where I am the next star on Real Housewives. Here is my tagline:

I wanted to go with something kind of goofy, but kind …

Real Housewives Tagline

Real Housewifes Tagline

“Whatever you are, be a good one.” I used this tagline because it is my favorite quote. I think this quote is important and I used it as my tagline because I think no matter what, the most important thing to do is to love yourself. No …


I shouldn’t even have to explain why I did this assignment, but I will. Simply put: because I’m real. The realest. Like 100% farm fresh dairy, no pasteurization required… yet. Fresh grated cheese kind of real. Homemade yogurt real. I can call up Ben & Jerry for a pint of …

My Pug is Smarter than your Honor Student- Audio Assignment 1725

For my final audio assignment of the week, I chose to create my own tagline if I were on the Real Housewives. My roommates and I joke around that we’re actually the Real Housewives of Fredericksburg, so this came to me pretty quickly! Enjoy!

If any of you have …

Real, Real, Real

I end my one-night trilogy on a high note, as I earn my final two stars for this week by making my own personal “tagline,” in the same vein as the characters from the Real Housewives franchise; this is a series of reality shows that first debuted on …

Audio Story: Real Housewives Tagline

For this assignment, I had to create an audio tagline that represented me if I were on Real Housewives.

This was my first ever audio assignment, and I was learning how to use Audacity. I first recorded myself, then I had to export it to SoundCloud. It was pretty easy. …

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