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Recover a classic

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Submitted by: Paul

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Help out the Creative Action Network and Recover A Classic. Design a book cover for one of the public domain classics on their list ( It’s for a good cause. Details are on the site. 

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Submissions So Far

Secret Garden

Simplified cover of the secret garden

Design A Cat Garden

For this weeks assignment I chose to do DesignAssignments1836 Recover a Classic. For this assignment you had to take a classic novel and create a new cover. The theme on the page seemed to be to simplify the cover. The Dracula cover is an example from the website. I …

Dracula, The 2016 Edition

As a lover of books, I was at awe when I saw I could recreate the cover of one of my favorite classics. I have the Barnes & Nobel’s hardcover edition of Dracula, by Bram Stoker, and I was absolutely love the way they designed the cover.

For this edition, …

Recover the classics

The Creative Action Network is running a campaign for Recovering the Classics. I thought it would make a good assignment, so now it is. Supposedly you get a kickback if your cover sells. So I made this thing:

I probably should have gone more minimal and just …

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