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Ryan Gosling Won’t Eat his Cereal

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Submitted by: Sophia T.

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Have you ever seen the video "Ryan Gosling won't eat his cereal"? It involves using a prop to make a movie character to appear to be interacting with this prop. Film a short interaction (less than 20 seconds) of a movie character reacting to an object of your choice!

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This was one of the video assignments that I decided to do because I really enjoyed watching the Ryan Gosling one that was given as an example. I decided to use a reaction video so there would be a variety of different facial reactions. I enjoyed making it because it …

James Bond won’t drink his water

A struggling alcohol, James Bond, tries to make the transition into drinking more water.

This was really simple to do. I really wanted to implement the spy theme, and I had a water bottle with me, so the inspiration came pretty easy. I just recorded from my phone on the …

Tickling Walter White

Here is a clip of me tickling Walter White.

Behind the Creation:

Breaking Bad to me might just be the greatest TV show in the history of television. I watched the entire series when it was airing live on AMC. I also bought the almost $200 dollar box set …

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