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Submitted by: Savanna Palmer

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Using a GoPro or a time lapse app; explain something to us. For instance, you could show us how you or your character cooks for their family, what they do at work, or even as zany as how they do their makeup! Make it funny, make it emotional--make it anything you want it to be! Have fun with it! 

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Show Me How!

Watching makeup tutorials on YouTube is probably one of my favorite pastimes.  There are so many different ways to do your makeup and a wide variety of products that could be used.  In this video I decided to do a sped up video of how I do my makeup everyday.…

Tea with Blair

Extremely Simple Timelapsed Makeup

When I was younger, I used to shun all those girls who wore makeup. Especially if they wore it every day. “If they manage to spend so much time on their makeup everyday, I can’t help but think about how poor their grades are” and “I’m not like other girls; …

It Could Live in Your Fridge

Hello, Hello!

I feel like I have made some progress with movie making and editing this week! We were required to do at least two video assignments worth a total of 8 stars.

The Assignment

The assignment can be found here and it is worth 4 stars. The exact directions …

Crane Creation

This assignment (4 stars) required me to “explain something” to an audience.

This was actually pretty difficult for me. At least content wise. I’m not extremely sure of myself when it comes to teaching others. It’s just a skill I haven’t had much practice in. Same goes for just doing …

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