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Sophisticate Your Own, Personal “Under Construction” GIF

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Submitted by: Andrew Forgrave

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Our loveable animated GIF has come a long way, baby, since the obnoxious "under construction" signs so prevalent on web pages back in the 1990. They were SO last century. But let's bring the idea forward!

Make yourself your own, sophisticated personal animated GIF to show whenever you might be messing around with the gears, or the innards, or the unicorns, or with whatever you've got on the treadmill to keep your blog humming behind the scenes. And give yourself an extra bonus point if you find and use someone else's CC-licenced image. You need to do the attribution and all that good stuff to claim the point.  Model appropriate blog maintenance, great design aesthetics, and a conscientious web-citizenship sharing ethic all at once.

Got it? Are you up for it? Are you ready? Go!  Be sure to share your result. We aren't likely to actually see it in use -- 'cause we all keep our blogs up and running most of the time, and only poke around in the inner workings in the middle of the night ;-) -- so make sure to show it to us when you've got it done.

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Submissions So Far

RLP Under Construction

Rockylou Productions Under Construction

August 2013 GIF Challenge #6:  Sophisticate Your Own, Personal “Under Construction” GIF


 DS106 AnimatedGIFAssignments911

The Rockylou Productions logo was created by my daughter, Amber Lockridge, as a surprise gift for me back in October of 2012. It was fun to animate our webheader to create …

Under Construction – #AAG 6

Okay so I’m doing them out of order. This one was really easy, I just filmed myself writing on a whiteboard, opened the video up in MPEG Streamclip, exported as an image sequence and ta-da! I did delete a LOT of the frames though (there were 1,000!) so that may …

GIF Challenge #6

Two different ideas fighting to get out of the gif for the August 2013 GIF Challenge #6: Sophisticate Your Own, Personal “Under Construction” GIF from I am Talky Tina.
Not really an under construction, but a 404.

I’ve already got a tenuous ds106 linked 404 page. Ironically the mashup …

August 2013 GIF Challenge #6: Sophisticate Your Own, Personal “Under Construction” GIF

“Tina’s Temporary Difficulties” animated GIF, by iamTalkyTina

Well. You all know that I’ve been having a little trouble recently with a former “colleague”, and that it caused a bit of an interruption in my ds106 participation in the second half of July. You likely also know that I will be …

You’ve Come A Long Way, GIFby

–Originally published at de•tri•tus » ds106
Watch your step on the sidewalk of yesteryear’s Information Highway I’m 99.9% convinced that the first time I saw and recognized and animated gif for what it was, it was something very much like one of these:   Maybe you have similar memories?  (Hopefully they are not PTSD-induced flashbacks!)  Clearly the image of website construction …

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