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Sports Heroes

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Make a Gif of your favorite sports hero!

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Michael Jordan Game Winner GIF

Sport Hero GIF Assignment: “Make a GIF of your favorite sports hero!”

My GIF: Michael Jordan Game Winner GIF

The Story

Michael Jordan has and still is my favorite sports player. Growing up as a kid I would tie my shoes everyday and whisper to myself “Make me like …

Peyton Manning Keep away!

For this Gif Assignment, we had to make a gif of a sports hero. I chose Peyton Manning because I am huge broncos fan.  There was one moment I remembered in particular from this past NFL Season.  It was when Peyton Manning broke the record for touchdowns.  He reached …

If The Wire had a favorite sports hero….

Ray Lewis and the Baltimore Ravens would most certainly make a fine choice!…

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GIF Tutorial

GIF assignment: Sports Heroes

Stars: 3.5

I created this GIF on

Step 1: Copy and paste the URL from the video you want to use.

Step 2: Move the sliders to choose where in the video you want your GIF to start and how long you want it …