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Submitted by: Amy Wallace

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Using Knightlab's Story Map, create a map telling a story of a trip you took or would like to take. Include pictures. They can be your own, or from flickr (just give them credit).   

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Submissions So Far

Journey Out West

So, I tried, unsuccessfully, to get this map to embed. I eventually gave up and decided the best way to go about it was to just share via twitter and embed that. Even the tweet, sadly, does not display a thumbnail or anything. So, for this assignment, I made …

Let’s Go to the Beach (each), Let’s Go Get Away

I loved using the website offered on the assignment page. The concept of traveling around a vacation via road map was quite neat. The assignment itself was a little time consuming, but the instrucitons on the site made the process pretty simple.It was nice to go down memory lane …

Where life has taken me…

So if you didn’t know, I love travelling… so for my final Visual assignment I chose to do a ‘Story Map‘. This assignment gets you to create a travel map, of either places where you have been or an adventure you would like to go on!
For this …

Story Map – A Trip through France


For this week’s DS106 Assignment we got to choose a topic based on our interest.  I enjoyed the visual assignment I completed a few weeks ago, so I decided to try a new one.  There was one assignment that caught my eye last time but I didn’t take the …

Story of Jack and Jackie

So for part of my 10 stars of assignments dedicated to my noir character, I decided to do the story map assignment. For all of my assignments this week I wanted to continue to build my noir character by using the themes set in place during my groups radio show …

Jewel and Sylvia’s Murderess Story Map

4 stars

I decided to do the story map assignment for this week.

The story map included my character dossier Sylvia and Kendall Parker’s character dossier Jewel. I kind of used this as a spin off from our radio show, this is because of how I did the seduction using …

Mapping out our adventure

Bev here – not really sure why Damon called this “Bev Takes Damon Away.” It was a consented trip. We just wanted to go away. It was a lot of fun to show people that we have become friends and are getting along well. Take a look at our trip …

Where in the World is Veronique Absinthe

I keep alluding to what Victoire has been up to in the past, and where she’s been, but I’ve never actually spelled out a couple of the places she’s seen. For this assignment I created a story map with google to trace a couple of places she’s been. The program …

A mysterious vacation


So for this assignment, Mariah and I worked together to show a little bit more of the story behind Bev and Damon. In this instance, Bev takes Damon on a trip to Bali as a sort of mea culpa. However, as is the noir106 way, things get a …

Edie and Isabelle’s Trip!

This week I had the pleasure of working with Aubrey Howland. We decided to knock out two assignments: a writing one which actually describes in depth what our visual assignment depicts.

The visual assignment we chose to do was the Story Map for 4 stars. Check it out here!…

Story Map

The next visual assignment I did was a story map of my baseball trip that I took last summer with my dad and brother. It was a pretty sweet trip. Check it out! Unfortunately, the embed feature of storymap is malfunctioning, so all I can give you is the link.…

My trip to Kashmir!

Story Map-4 Stars
For this assignment you had to use Knightlabs Story Map to create a map telling a story of trip you had taken. The trip I took was from when I went to Kashmir in 2012! I had a lot of fun making this and reminiscing about …

Brief timeline of my Europe trip


When I saw this software in the visual assignment post, I thought it’d be a really cool way to tell a story of a trip.  The interface is elegant; it can’t be easy making software that a person can use to create a multimedia timeline.  I like the idea …



MY LOVE STORY This is how it all happened! Enjoy

To Travel is to Live

Story Map (4 points)

I guess a fun fact about myself I have yet to share is that I love travel. I was a part of an exchange program to Dortmund, Germany when I was in high school and I studied abroad during the summer of 2014. So naturally when …

No Place I’d Rather Be!

dream of one day answering Ireland’s Call.

No Place I’d Rather Be

Doing the four-star visual assignment in which I created an interactive map of either an adventure I have taken or would love to take in my lifetime was one of my favorites thus far. I have always dreamed of going to Ireland ever since my dad and I started mutually …

Story Map

Assignment: Using Knightlab’s Story Map, create a map telling a story of a trip you took or would like to take. Include pictures. They can be your own, or from flickr (just give them credit). (4 stars).

For my third assignment this week, I chose to do the Story …

Journey to a Great City

So 4 stars down! As part of our visual week, I was going through the Visual Assignment Bank and the Story Map really caught my eye. I I was quickly running through different trips that I took that would fit perfectly into this, and I couldn’t stop thinking about my …

My Honeymoon (My Story Map Assignment)

What’s up ds106?  Hope everyone’s week has been going well so far.  For my Story Map assignment, I though I would use some pics from my honeymoon in Aruba last year.  Hands down the BEST TRIP EVER, largely because of who I went with, but also because it was a …

Story Map

So my first assignment I completed this week was the Story Map. This assignment was 4 stars. Only 4 more to go! I thought this assignment was fairly easy! It was time consuming though. Very time consuming. I didn’t mind that it took a few hours to complete. I had …

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Tutorials So Far

How to Embed a StoryMap

So, for this tutorial, I am more interested in embedding the StoryMap on a WordPress site than on creating the storymap itself. This is something that I spent a bit of time investigating, so I just wanted to simplify the process for anyone interested. I tried the plugin, and it …

How to Make a Story Map

The KnightLab Story Map is a fun way to tell the story of a trip in an organized manner.  I used this in my final project about a wanderer to help me tell their story from their various destinations.


Click the “Make a story map now” button in the…